Monday, December 3, 2012

Well, this was the week of blisters and no money!!!!!!
I´ll start with the blisters, well, we did 2 service projects this week, both with shovels and hoe´s pulling up weeds. We did them Wednesday and Thursday so my hands were just a giant blister by Thursday, though it was fun and worth it, the 2nd service project was @ the house of Arlei (where I had my first chimarrão) well, there Elder Viana had the opporitunity to kill our lunch, literally. The chicken in this picture died just 2 minutes later to the hands of Elder Viana. I have a video but I can´t send it because it´s too big.      
Now the no money, well, my companion doesn´t know how to budget, and I had to pay R$ 30 to send something and I´m waiting for my reimbursement. So, I had R$ 20 to start the week, and Elder Viana had 0... Don´t ask me how. Well, we had to use the bus twice... When I´m paying for both of us that´s R$20.. So on Tuesday we had 0... Awesome right, pay day wasn´t until Friday. What were wer going to do, we definitely needed some money. Well, we had about R$7 in change so, that should last us right? Wrong, even with the 0 money Elder Viana needed to buy peaches... Every night. They don´t cost much but when you have as little money as we do it´s pretty annoying. We had an appointment far away Thursday night, we would need the bus but wait, we had no money, what were we going to do? Well, Wednesday night the lady we were supposed to have lunch with on thursday called and said ``sorry, I have to leave tomorrow afternoon so I can´t fix lunch, so come by my house and I´ll give you some money`` it´s strange how God works, and how everything always works out for the best. That´s my story for the week.
It´s weird how you won´t hear a single thing for the whole month hear but I heard this a lot the last week... ``Ahhh mormons, like Doctor Ray`` I guess the news just got out down here.
Yesterday (02/12/12) Was the day Pelotas stopped moving, there was seriously nobody out on the street, why? Because Gremio and Internacional had a game against each other. Every single person was in their house watching the game, or watching it on the street with 40 other people crowded around a tiny t.v, it was cool, I wanted to be a part of it, oh well.
We had 2 FHE´s this week, both with the same people. With the Lisboa family and with Bete and Arnold... All members, Alexandre Lisboa (the dad) is a recent convert so we talk with them a lot, no I don´t have any photos yet, I will though eventually.
I have 2 more stories, both with the same investigator (carla) well, Saturday we visited her just to visit and check up on her progress with the smoking... well, I was about to share a scripture (3rd Nefi 3:7) I said, ``this scripture is about a prophet Nephi, but we can apply it for us too, and for your smoking. I will read for...`` snap!!!! The chair I was sitting on snapped in half and I hit the deck, everyone else started laughing and the spirit was gone. Though, it was really funny and something I´ll never forget!!!!
2nd story if you´re young stop reading now... This is the story about Chasity (Carla and Luciano aren´t married... Shocker) Well, we started talking about it and we said ``today we need to talk about the lei de castidade before you can get baptized and Lucianos face just looked scared. We were a little confused but we found out after.... When we asked if they had any comments or questions he went on to say. When he saw the name castidade he though of (I don´t remember the word in Português but in English it´s castorate) and he said he didn´t want that. He said ``marriage is easy compared to what I was thinking I would have to do``
On that note, I love you all!!! Have a good week!!! I´ve been on the mission now for 5 months! (August, September, October, November and December!)
Eu amo vocês!!!

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