Monday, April 28, 2014

Well, on Tuesday I took my first step towards becoming a clown!!! I learned the basics to juggling!!!! I don´t know if that´s something to be proud of or not, but hey. Every skill is important! We went to a city called São Lourenço do Sul (It´s very pretty, look it up) to have our district meeting and distrito amigo. We got our lunch from a bar because it was cheap well. We found out why it´s so cheap. While we were waiting a rat ran through the lobby then we went back to the church to eat and there was hair in 2 of them... Though I enjoyed it and it was only 5 R$ So I won´t complain!   My campanion and i slept there with Elder Xavier and Elder Holloway and I took a little bit of a beating while we practiced some Jiu Jitsu.

Wednesday we went  back to Pelotas and spent a couple of hours with Diego we saw the ``Beach`` here in Pelotas and saw his boat... Ya, they have a lot of money. We then had our first lesson with Carol. A 13 year old girl that lives with her mom and grandpa who are less active members. Carol went to church a couple of weeks ago so we talked to her and got her address because... She´s not baptized. :) We taught her the Resturation and it was a really good lesson. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted, though we didn´t mark a day. After the lesson her G-PA took us to the door and talked to us. He said that she wanted to be baptized a couple of months ago when her aunt was here from Salvador (Active member) but didn´t because she needed to know more about the church, she hadn´t ever taken the lessons before.

Thursday we planned our activity for the 10th of May and... I don´t remember what else happened. oops.

Friday we talked to Diego again. but once again he was getting ready to leave. His dad sends him out of the city every weekend to keep him out of trouble (Alcohol and drugs) So that makes it hard for him to go to church. He´s been once in my time here. Though I forgot to mention on wednesday he gave each of us a chocolate bar for Easter. :D We then went to Carol´s taught here the 3rd lesson (Gospel of Jesus Christ) And marked her baptism for the 10th of May, last week of the transfer!

Saturday we had a churrasco with The stake President and Izabel again. They´re super nice people. Also we found out that Carol went to the youth activity during the cday that I didn´t even know was happening. Not exactly sure who invited her but also not going to complain!

Sunday we had church, we got a ride for Carol with the Patriarch but I was pretty sure that we were going to die on the way. He´s old and kinda crazy but, we survived!!!!  We had a churrasco with Elton and Patricia... (I need a meat break) (we had one marked for today but, glad it didn´t happen) We went to Carols and talked to her mom and her grandpa about the baptism. They both said that the only thinging faulting were the lessons. They both support the baptism and confirmed their presence there. Her Grandpa wants to give a 2-5 minute talk at it. haha. We then went to Bebeco´s (Ward mission Leader) But the investigator didn´t go, again. But, at least he´s trying, right?

I`m bummed that Jordans call didn´t come but at the same time happy because I wanted to change my guess for where he´ll go... I´m going with... The deep south, more specifically Alabama... Go ahead and put that one in the books!

I love you all!!! See ya soon! (kinda)


Board walk at the beach

Stake president and his wife

Stadium that will be used for the World Cup

Monday, April 21, 2014

Tuesday I went on divisions with Elder Galdino while I was waiting for Elder Walkennedey to get here in Pelotas. It was a good day of findign new investigators and talking to a lot of people on the street. At about 8:30 the stake president gave us a ride to the bus station to pick him up.

Wednesday we had our zone meeting then Elder Walkennedy got his bags unpacked and we orgainized the room a little bit. before we got onto the good stuff.

The whole week was spent showing him the area and going with him to meet the people. seeing as how this transfer is a 4 weeker and I´m probably out of here after this one. he needs to know where to go, right???

New zone

In front of the church

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

Well, what a busy week without a lot of work but... It was good.!!!

On Tuesday we had a normal day until about 6 when we went to the pizza buffet to have dinner with President for meeting our baptism goal for the month!!! I came in a respectable 2nd place at the restaurant with a good 23 pieces eaten. Elder Lima won with 24. But, No problem right.

Wednesday was our only normal day that we had. We tried to visit everybody during that small time until our FHE with the Ward mission leader (Bebeco) At 7. IT was a good, tiring day.

Thursday we had our zone conferences. It was a normal conference. Not much I can explain for you other than it was a lot of fun.

Friday  we went to Arco-IRis ( A neighborhood close by) to help the sisters in my district because they went to Rio Grande (A city) To do divisions. THey´re the sisters that do training for the other sisters. That´s allowed until 8 when we go back. We went to a MA member to visit her on her Bday!

Saturday was conference!!!!!! And, ya after conference we had an almost family night with the Stake president Elizar and his family (live in our ward) Just no investigators were there... oh well, can´t complain we had a churrasco and then just left a message with them. It was a lot of fun, they are a really special family.

Me and the Stake President with the RIBS!