Monday, December 17, 2012

This week has been a little bit of a pain, because the bus workers are on STRIKE!!! We don´t use the bus often, but of course yesterday we needed to go to the stake center for choir ( we are rehearsing for Natal Branco) (Natal Branco is the stake baptism service this week, no we don´t have any. :(   )   But, we couldn´t go because we don´t have any money for a taxi, because we don-t have a bank next to us, so we need to use the bus to go to the bank so we can have money for other stuff, problem right???

I´ll start with today!!! Today we did service, it was easy, we just pulled weeds for 3 hours... I actually prefer that because then I can wake up, do service and have P-day... I don´t love studying on P-day, I can´t focus very well... We did service for a man we found last week while waiting for the bus, after talking for a bit we found out he was baptized about 3 years ago, so now, we´re bringing him back!!! You´d be surprised how often we find less active people while tracting... I´d say probably 2 a day, so our work with less actives is really high!!!

I need to give everyone some advice, if you´re planning on leaving the country to get away from Justin Bieber... It doesn´t work, I hear his music almost every day here... It´s a shame but life will go on. On a high note though, I heard Backstreet boys this week, yes the gospel is true. 

Last Saturday we had our end of the year/christmas ward activity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I would include photos but my camera just died so... Next week I will. :( But it was really the most organized activity of nothing I´ve ever been to... First off, E.V. was stressed becasue he didn´t think we had time to go to the activity (the activity went from 8 until 6) (the church rented a bus and picked up everyone that wanted to go) well, I told him that I thought we needed to, we invited all of our progressing investigators, and almost every single person that we had planned on visiting ended up going to the activity so it was perfect!!!! What did we do there??? Played a lot of soccer, I scored my first goal in International play... No big deal. I have never been called Greenie so much in my life, but at the same time I got complemented a lot too everyone kept asking where I learned to play, I responed with ´´Here, everything I know about soccer I learned in Brasil`` It ended up being a good answer so I kept using it. Santa visited!!!!!!!!!! Santa came and gave candy to everyone and wrapped presents w/ their names on it to EVERY SINGLE primary child at the activity, investigators too!!! Everyone was happy, well except the daughter of Diego (Diego is the Elders Quorum president) She was crying the whole time until she recieved here present, then she was happy. For lunch was a Churrasco, paid for by the ward as well, all the investigators (even some of the members) were in shock that the ward could just pay for all of this. We played a LOT of soccer, My whole body hurts because it´s not used to running, only walking, so I have blisters, and sore muscles, even in my shoulders, don´t ask me how that´s possible. 

Mom, well all people but I know my mom will like this, if you want to see the area I live it´s called Cohab Lindóia, in Pelotas. 

Last week we were teaching a lesson w/ a member and I said something to our investigator on accident that really stuck out to the member, then when she told me what I said a couple days later it´s really stuck out to me too... Convia no amor de Deus...     I´ve been thinking about it a lot lately and it´s really been inspiring... So yes, I inspire myself, even if it is on accident!

Alexandre Lisboa recieved the preisthood yesterday!!!! That was a cool thing to see even though I wasn´t here for his baptism. it took so long because he can only go to church 2 out of every 7 weeks because of his work... He works the whole week except Monday and Tuesday, then the next week he has off Tuesday and Wednesday, then Wednesday and Thursday... etc. 

That´s all my news from Pelotas!!!!!!!!!!! Eu amo vocês!!! :D

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