Monday, January 27, 2014

On Monday I went bowling

Tuesday I took a bus the whole day,though it was nice, with air conditioner and water...

Wednesday we had our district meeting My district is me, elder campbell and 4 sisters. then we got money for lunch... we didn´t end up eating though until about 3:30. We then spent the whole day inside organizing... it´s kinda like ``The other side of Heaven`` 2 new missionaries get to an area without any paper work or anything to help them... That´s about where we´re at. Oh well.

Thursday-sunday we got to know the area and the people knocking on a lot of doors and doing contacts... Gotta start somewhere, right????

Monday, January 20, 2014

I´m going home, going home, tell the world that I´m going home.

Transfer news is in, and I´ll be returning to Pelotas!!! The neighbor ward, 3 Vendes. For the first time I´ll have an American campanion (elder Cambell) Let's see what´ll happen right.

Well, the week was good. On Tuesday we had district meeting, 

wednesday we worked normally.

Thursday I went to the foot doctor (Now I don´t know what´ll happen since I´m so far away

If ya´ll google ``Pelotas igreja mormon`` Ya´ll will see my chapell, it´s huge! I already sent one photo home from in front of it.

Friday we had a service project all day, and I got fried. It was our whole zone we painted a school and boy was it hot.

Saturday was a normal day

Sunday was church, lunch then Irmão Paulo made us a churrasco since we thought I was gonna be transfered!!!

My first district as district leader

First time my legs have seen the sun in awhile

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Well, we had LAN House problems... Ours got shut down and now we have just a couple of minutes to write an email! So the best thing, today was pday, we played football then ate mcdonalds!!! A little expensive but it was a different, and doing things different is worth it here.

Found a cockroach in  my shoe...

Football on Pday

Monday, January 6, 2014

On monday I bought a new jersey and got one in the mail. :D one super cheap on... a little more.

On tuesdday we had New Years eVE!!!!!! That was fun, we stayed home ha. Cool right, though during the day I was able to cut my hair. :D Finally it was getting super long. During the day we just did a normal day of work and got our food ready for the night. Oh ya, and we had district meeting during the morning... One more training out of the way... Good thing that next week is the ZL´s training.

WEdnesday our lunch fell through, we visited some people, knocked on some doors, tried to atleast everyone was hung over and sleeping. Oh well. After a bit of that we went to Paulos (not Andreas because she went to the beach to work)

Thursday We taught Erika, we visted MA´s and stuff... I don´t know if ya´ll remember last year at this time but... Everyone is going to the beach now. It´s getting kinda hard to find people home.

Friday I went to the doctors after lunc... Little by little maybe my toe will get better. then there was a terrible rain and we did distrito amigo.

Saturday after lunch everyone had to go the the ``Ipanema`` ward to get invitations for the rededications of the church and we stayed around there inviting everyone for about 5 hours. Though it was cool because finally my district made some contacts. :D

Sunday we had church, an interesting lunch (don´t even ask why please) and then we left with a member for a couple of hours before going to the Elders of Cavalhada to sleep there so that we could leave early to go hiking!!!

This mornhing:  Football, hiking, tereré, pepsi and monopoly!!! :D