Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

First off, I will apologize,the keyboard I´m using is awful, I can´t use the top row... The numbers, and I can´t  use the spacebar, g and h verywell,so.Today X will be exclamation pointXXX

First offXXXXXXX Santa cameXXX Papi Noel visited the missionariesXXX On Thursday we had our christmas party with the president, was  my zone, pelotas, Rio Grande and Bajé, we had a devotional in the morning, a huge lunch with chicken, potatoes ice cream and all sorts of other good stuffXXX We did skits after lunch, my zone sang a version of Jingle bells, I wish I could send the video but,,, not possible. Bajé had a good skit to, the other two were a little below average but, tudo bem.

I love stickers, I bought a bunch of christmas stickers, that´s the whole story, sorry it´s not a good one. And thank you again to everyone who sent me stickersXXX Also Christmas cards and just other cards as wellXXX I will write you back eventually, the last  pdays have been really busy but I´ll find time, promise
Today is so hot... 91 with a 63 percent humidity... It´s miserable.

Congrats to everyone for living past the end of the worldXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Saturday E.V. and I had the chance to do more service for Paulina... That means we didn´t want to study, so we decided to bring Tiago along tooXXX It was a good morning to just talk and do other fun things... 

Tonight we have permission to stay out until 11, as long as we have a ride from a member back to our house... Problem is, the ward found out about that and now the whole world is trying to get us to go... We don´t know what we´re going to do... We´re gonna try to talk to the whole world I guessXXX
I want to wish everyone a merry CHRISTmasXXX Let this Christmas be a good one, and 2013 be a great year for everyoneXXX After tomorrow I have just 1 more christmas in BrasilX

Eu amo vocêsX

IT was a pretty slow week because of all the conferences we had, but a week full of lots of fun things, I really don´t know what more to say, I´ll send lots of photos todayXXX 

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