Monday, September 30, 2013

Well, another week another sunburn!!!!

It rained ALL week... Except thursday I think... And that day we had a service project where we cleaned a lot where an investigator is going to build a house... Well, the sun was powerful that day. And I burned my neck right up. That´s the only cool news from this week.
We visited a lot of investigators (When the weather permited) It took more than 10 days for me to see the sun here in POA, and now it´s left again, it´s kind of a bummer) Though everything is going well here. We´ve got a lot of work in the front and not a lot of time becuase everyone here wants service done and that kind of good stuff. But, we´ll find a way to make it work out... On the 12th we should have 2 baptisms. I´m trying to get the picture problem worked out... Just have patience with me!!!

Found M. Nascimento at the bus station too.
Ward mission leader my comp and the other elder that was here. (Elder Araujo)
Service me and my comp (Oliveira) And the missionaries in the other ward. (Rits and Hiatt) Hiatt fell before the picture.

I found Fagg and Emanoel at the bus station. Emanoels last day!

Monday, September 23, 2013

WEll, that sucks... I was almost done witht he email then the computer froze... Good thing Google chrome saves everything!!! Except this email. :(

WEll, as I was trying to say, it was a good week. I forgot to mention last week that I´m finishing the training for this kid... He´s got a whopping (almost) 2 months on the mission... He´s from São Paulo, São Paulo. 21 years old, born in the church (inactive for a bit).
The ward is super good, everyone accepted me and made me feel at home. The bishop is the most excited bishop that I´ve ever seen. 

I haven´t seen the sun since being here, it´s rained nonstop for about 6 days. though, whatever... 
Do ya´[ll remember Tamirys, an investigator that I was teaching in Montanha? Well, she got baptized last week!!! When I was at the bus station the missionaries told me that she was gonna be baptized on saturday (And I assume she was)

P.s. No photos this week because the lan house is... Not so good. 

We have a couple of good investigators (Heber, Gustavo... etc) But this week had a lot of problems. Baptisms fell, recent converts changed for the worst so for my comp. it was  a difficult week, for me kinda, because I don´t know that people,m ya kno?

We have one super good ready baptism! Yara, she´s ``Married`` to Jair (an RM that went inactive 4 months after his mission and stayed that way for 20 years). They have been active for 4 months now, they´re just waitinf for Jair´s divorce from his last marriage so that they can get married and baptized!!!!!

And, I´m not lyi8ng, president Castro called now telling us that the divorce went through! Now we just have to wait about a month for the marriage!!! 

President Castro called, why? Well, they´re really good friends. It´s becuase of President Castro that he´s active again... President Castro and Jair are from the same area, got baptized on the same day and served in the same mission so they´re super good friends!!!  Yay!!! :D

Monday, September 16, 2013

It´s official, I´ll be leaving. Going back to POA. Zone POrto Alegre SUl
Ward Vila Nova
Comp. Elder Oliveira

Well, not a lot happened this week becuse of the rain... Still waiting a transfer call...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Wow, this week was... Something else. I can honestly say it was the wildest week of my mission. I´ll just give details about Friday and Saturday the other days weren´t too bad.

Well, tuesday Fátima had her interview and Elder J. Souza (DL) Said that she was perfect and even cried during the interview.

Wednesday no problems, we had our meeting with the leaders of the ward and marked everything for Saturday.

Thursday no problems.

Friday No problems, we confirmed everything, talked for a while and left at 9:30 everybody was smiling and happy. Perfect right? Well, after I took a shower I was playin chess with Elder Machado when they called, I figured it was nothing like always, but when I answered somebody was crying on the other side asking if we could come over (it was 10:30) (Vitória called, the yongest sister) I told her we couldn´t but asked what was happening. Didn´t understand alot through the cries and people screaming in the back. I just understood that people were arguing. (I won´t go into more details because, it´s sad.) I called back at about 11 to see if everything was okay and I talked with Fátima. She said that things had calmed down, but before she hung up she said that she wasn´t going to be baptized... Great right!?!?! Less that 24 hours before!

Saturday, woke up early, woke my comp up to tell him what happened but neither one of us were too worried. I didn´t sleep too much because of what happened but after praying and asking for help, I as able to at least rest. I left Elder Carlos sleeping knowing that we would need somebody running at a normal function. We woke up early (Oh it was September 7th this is independence day here: Random fact) got the baptismal font ready and everything organized, went to fix some lunch calander problems then went to talk with Letícia to see what happened. She told us the story and that was that. we then left to lunch, and came back after to talk with Fátima because she was working. Well, we talked a bit then asked her about the baptism. She said that she didn´t want to but still weren´t to nervous. We told her about Jesus and how when he was fasting for 40 days Satan tempted him knowing that if he succeeded it would change the world for the better. Then we talked about Joseph Smith and how Satan did the same thing in the sacred grove, knowing that if Joseph was able to pray it would change the world for the better. We told her that he was doing the same thing with her, becuase he knows that if she gets baptized it will permanently change her life for the better. Then we asked her if she was gonna let Satan win... She replied like this.
I won´t let him win! Whil slapping the floor. 

Well that made our day even crazier because it was 3, we had almost no time to run around and get stuff ready for the dinner after that we had promised... Well, once we got home we were just about ready to open the chicked to let it thaw when one more prayer was anwered. She called saying that it would be better to eat on Sunday... That was a blessing, gave us time to shower (Becuase it´s freaking hot again! People lied saying that the south is cold) and finish organizing. 

At 5:30 the baptism went well, the water was cold, and it took 3 tries, but in the end it happened. She told us that after changing out of the wet clothes that she felt a peaceful filling.  

Sunday was church, everything went well. I confirmed her, there was a childs baptism and we made dinner. In the end, everything worked out, it walway does.. Sometimes the enemy pushes, and pushes and pushes. But he doesn´t have any chance to win. He pushed me to the end this week, I´m exhaused but the week was a good one, I learned a lot and ended happy!

Bathroom I found

Saturday's baptism

Making juice for dinner

Monday, September 2, 2013

Well, a lot of stuff happened, but nothing HUGE, ya know.

Yesterday we had stake conference and the strake presidency was changed so, I guess that was pretty big. The ward took a bus to Bagé (but some money went missing from the ward budget so everyone had to pay for themselves, for that not to many people went.) Last night we marked Fátimas baptism, this time it´s set in stone!!!! For Saturday! We dedicated their new house and are happy for them. It´s a little cramped in their but after everything got organized it all worked out. Our lunch yesterday started at 4:30, I don´t even know if you can call that lunch but it was good. We ate with the RS president and were able to talk about the things that Fátima is needing and she´s willing to help us. (Tonight we´re going over there to pick some stuff up for Fátima) Everyone´s happy to see that the family will be more or less completed.

Wednesday and Thursday we spent a good part of the day moving in the hot sun. I don´t know what´s happening, it´s still winter but it's burning hot. 

Saturday Fátima invited us for dinner and we celebrated the move.   No cool spiritual stories happened, sorry. Really, almost nothing happened because of the move, we spent a good part of the week at the same house. But it wasn´t time lost, now the baptism is marked and we are friends with the other 2 sisters. (They´re a little more difficult but, we´ll find a way in) 

I don´t know what to say, I said everything that I had last week, haha. But I love you all!!! Getting ready for the (probably) last 2 weeks here in D.P.!!!! :(