Monday, March 31, 2014


Well, This week we didn´t get done too much. Though we did a lot.

On Tuesday we went to Camaquã for Distrito amigo. There we made lunch and did distrito amigo. We didn´t have much time to work becuase we finished lunch at 2 and had to leave at 6 on the bus but it was fun while it lasted.

Wednesday: We burned DVD´s, visited Jussan and Sara, João Pedro (he´s a sick reactivated kid/guy. We go there about once a week to speak english and help him out) This time before we left his house his grandmother gave us hot dogs because she has a little hot dog stand in front of her house

Thursday we had a service project that was supposed to go from 3-4:30 but it ended up going until 8:30. Though it was fun, we helped an inactive family move.

Friday we went to Porto Alegre to the foot doctor. There we ate chinese food and Sushi (Below average but what do you expect?)

Saturday: we had the best lunch ever with a family that we met while teaching English at the English school (Wizard) IT was the best churrasco I´ve eaten here. They were super nice and cool as well plus, super rich. Everything they have is super fancy. We taught english, and some people actually went, that was a change.   We then had dinner with a Recent convert from the other area in the ward.

Sunday was a normal day with church and meetings and everything. Gremio and Internacional palyed yesterday... My team won 2-1. :D

This morning I visited Helena and Tiago then Paulinha!!! :D We had lunch with Helena and Tiago, everyone is doing well.. Except for Tiago, he´s kinda fallen away and is smoking again. Paulinha has also gotten really sick, she´s not the same that she was a year ago. :(

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

On Tuesday we had our Zone conference and also it was sister Andrade´s birthday so we had cake and stuff before lunch. GOod thing we got money for lunch so for us it was perfect. We then visited Jussan and Julien (2 Recent Converts) And we´re currently working with their parents trying to help them get baptized. The mom (Sara) goes to church almost every week and wants to be baptized but their dad doesn´t wanna get legally married. It´s such a pain in the but here sometimes. We then had a FHE with Jaque (Relief society president) but the investigators didn´t show up, good thing she had a plan B and we went to a less active sisters house. On the way home we had our first drunk guy for the week. Right outside the ``Walmart`` By our house, he stopped us asking for money to use on the ``Bus`` We told him we didn´t have anything, but he then pointed to our apartment saying ``But ya´ll live right there, just go get money and come back.`` Well, that was frightening. We lied and said that other Elders live there and walked a different direction going around the block and going in through a special door that I saw that morning. Talk about lucky right. Well, the Elders from São Lourenço weren´t so lucky, they were sleeping at our apartment that night because they had ``Distrito Amigo`` And their phone was dead. We called to tell them about the side door without luck. The hobo found them and they ended up giving him money.

Wednesday:  We had lunch with the same Jaque then went to work in the rain... Boy was it raining. Remember the photo I sent ya´ll a couple weeks ago, it was like that, but worse. We were walking on a busy road and some car passed by, swerved into a puddle and drenched us. I though it was funny. My companion didn´t think it was too cool at first but once I started laughing he joined in. We visited a Recent Convert (Malvina) We went to talk to Patricia then we went home to dry off, make pancakes and hot chocolate

Thursday: We went to Vinicius and Alêssandra´s in the morning. Everything´s going well there. We had lunch with the Patriarch then walked around trying to get stuff done. We were able to talk to Diego again, he´s still kinda weird but doing well. We made some copies then... Drunk guy #2 stopped us. HE asked for money for the ``Bus`` we told him the same story then he asked us what he could do to help him..> I told him we could say a prayer and he agreed, he asked us to pray that he could safely get home. I prayed asking for a safe travel home then when we said amen he looked up and said ``I´m still here`` Can´t say the guy doesn´t have faith. Well, then he decided since he didn´t teleport home that he would walk with us, and boy did he. We walked trying to ditch him so that we could visit people becuase we couldn´t show him where our members and investigators live obviously. We walked and at one point my companion accidently stepped on his flip flop and broke it... Well, the guy didn´t like that and demanded that he payed for it... His asking price. 25 cents. after about 5 minutes I gave elder Campbell a coin to give to him and the drunk forgot that he asked for it and got offended when my comp tried to give it to him. Saying, c´mon man. Do you think I´m a kid, 25 cents won´t get me nothin. So, I said then I´ll keep it and he said ``Ya´ll that´d be a better idea`After a couple more minutes he asked for the money again, I aked him if he would graciously accept it and he said no. So, I gave him the same answer... When we got the chance we crossed the street and started walking fast once we got around the corner we literally ran to safety before returning to our home... During our walk he hit his head on 3 trees, 2 window and cat called at 6 women.

Friday: 2 drunk guys (1 of which was the same from Tuesday) Tried to stopped us, though since I didn´t have any more patience I told them that we didn´t have time to stop. I did 2 baptism interviews 1 for Carla and 1 for Ione. We had lunch with Bishop and I got my shoes back, fixed and shiney.

Saturday: Lunch with Valério then English class. No one went, again. Lucky for the people at the church that needed help getting a baby shower ready. I blew up and tied over 100 baloons. To the point that the skin on my left knuckle rubbed off. The baptisms happended without any problems and Saturday morning I made home made bread. Everyone said it turned out well. I wasn´t too impressed but oh well, I´ll get better. At the baptism Ione´s daughter tried to greet me with a kiss on the cheek and unfortunately (just kidding) I had fast enough reflexes to get out of the way. There´s a quick story for ya´ll.

Sunday: Church, CHURRASCO!Churrasco with Elton and Patricia, Vinicius and Alêssandra went (And Kaynã) Vinicius and Patricia are cousins so they´re helping us out a ton with them. On Tuesday they´re going to the place to get the marriage started.

IN the morning I traded bread for little cookie things from the Sisters in the other ward. and I came home from lunch with a nasty cold. The whole house is getting sick. Winter is kinda starting down here in the South. Alson on Friday we went to an English school (Wizard) And taught a class, getting a churrasco out of it for this coming Saturday (Patricia and Elton are the managers at the Wizard here in Pelotas)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Well, I had a great week. It was kinda weird when Elder Sá (The secretary) called me asking me which airport I wanted to fly to... I guess he didn´t take my answer seriously considering the fact that I´[m going to SLC instead of Rome like I asked. But, SLC is good too.

Almost all week we spent getting ready for the acitivity that we had on saturday, Pizza night... IT wasn´t much but it was really good. Everyone went to the church ate pizza, played basketball and got their less active family to ``Adopt``

This week we worked a lot with Pedro, we´re hoping he gets baptized on Saturday... It´s about 50/50. He wants to but at the same time he´s not sure yet. Though I think it´ll go all right.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New district, same thing... 4 Sisters, me and my companion... Couldn´t be better in my opinion. 2 of the sisters switched out so this week was kinda spent to get to know them during the district meeting. They seem really good, and after the first week, #´s were all good so, can´t complain.

We had a very normal week, just getting ready for our pizza night on Saturday here in the ward, we´ll be introducing a new program where every family ``Adopts`` An inactive family or recent convert, to strengthen and reactivate a lot... We have 30 families in the program, the goal is to reactivate all of them. Everyone in the leadership is really excited. :D

Yesterday we had lunch with some investigators and... a lot of their family. we ended up maked 7 new investigators during the lunch, that was pretty neat.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Well, transfers are in!!! And, no changes. One more here with Elder Campbell in 3 Vendas.

This week we went to Porto Alegre to visit my foot doctor. She said that my toes are doing great. Now I´[ll go back for probably the last time in about a month.

This week I passed hump day, now we´re just ``on the way down`` I have a couple of more months until I´m considered just ``a waste of space``. Though, I don´t think that´ll happen to me. I donpt have to much time today because I´m trying to get my district organized the other 2 companionships were changed around a bit so....

Also, forgot my camera battery at home, sono photos today.

IOt was a pretyt normal wweek, it got kinda cold. That was nice. Finally the temperature is changing a bit.