Monday, February 24, 2014

On Tuesday we had our district meeting and a normal day of weorking

wednesay  I was not feeling good, at al (coldl. So we spent a little bit at home before we did some of our visits

Thursday: Baptism interview for the sisters from Arco-Iris then we helped them organize the church for the marriage they had on Friday

Friday we went ot Camaquã to do a baptism interview for the Sisters there... Well, we ended up getting some wrong information and missed the bus at 2 so we thought, well now what? As we were walking around waiting for the 6 bus something happened. From no where I ran into Andrea from my area (Paulo wasn´t with her) She was in camaquã visiting her father-in-law helping him organize. So we went over there and talked for a while. That worked our great for me. Though becuase of that we missed the wedding. Oh well.

Saturday we went to Arco-Iris´baptism and took home some wedding cake.

Sunday my companion finalloy realized that he was dying and after lunch we stayed home again... He´s been sick since about friday with a cold/strep. It´s running through the house.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Well, I can´t even remember what happened this week, I´m getting old.

Yesterday was stake conference, and 2 baptisms for my district... One right after the stake conference one at night... They were both surprises but welcomed... 

On Saturday i helped the sisters from Camaquã give a tour to their investigator that was baptized on Sunday, it was a lot of fun. Then we had the adult session of stake conference which starting this week the elders were allowed to go to. Though, I didn´t see Paulina at either of the sessions. oh well. 

Today I ate, very well at Lobão ``Big wolf`` IT´s what everyone says to be the best restaurant in our mission and the ruele is you have to eat their at least once when you go to pelotas... Well, seeing as how I didn´t last time, I couldn´t let it slip again and can I just say... wow... 

During the week we just did a lot of running around. On Friday we had our zone conference, interviews with President Castro, the AP´s slept at our house for 2 days.... It was a lot of... fun.

at Lobão with elder Campbell and elder Peters

yes, that is meet with yogurt, jam and strawberries... and it was the tastiest thing ever.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Another week another sunburn.

On tuesday we went to a sisters house and talked with her son again. He has a desire to come back to church but was just needing a push. I guess we did good enough because yesterday he went to church@!!! :D

Wednseday We visited our neighbor had been to church a couple of times then we met with our ward mission leader.

Thursday. Visitied Vinicius and Alessandra again. It went really well, again.  we went on splits... I went with Elder Galdino to do some baptism interviews and it allw ent well. After we did the interviews we went to dinner with a member (At his house) I saw a play station 4 for the first time. That was cool and ate one of the best lasagnas in my life.

Friday We went to Camaquã to do baptism interviews for the sisters in my district... That was the whole day. a 2 hour bus ride there and back.

Saturday. English class, nobody went. We had our weekly activity... Nobody went. The Zone Leaders baptism went well. We had 3 investigators there (OUr neighbor (carmen) Vinicius and Alessandra).

 Sunday. Church, meetings. We were supposed to sing during sacrament meeting but luckily there wasn´t time. :D Then at the meeting I saw a bunch of people from my first ward. Then we had FHE with the bishop and a family that he wants to help.

So, this week was realy really really hot. They´re saying that this is the hottest the Rio Grande do Sul has been in over 60 years.

Bag change, now I am a real missionary

Picture from the Christmas party. 

My collection so far

We made french toast

Monday, February 3, 2014

On Tuesday we had district meeting then Distrito amigo in our area, it didn´t end up helping that much but, oh well.

Wednesday We had lunch with a super nice lady with an inactive son (about 24) that wants to come back to church. This week we´re gonna go with him to buy church clothes. After lunch we spent the whole day trying to get to know the people and find new investigators. The members are helping a lot. we´re getting a lot of references to help us out

Thursday  was pretty much the exact same thing.... It´s kinda the same every day.

Friday was the same thing.... with rain.

Saturday we had our english class and weekly activity, then went to try and find an address that doesn´t exist. So, I went to the doctor to finally get my neck looked at after a month of pain. It´s nothing, just a sprained neck, I´m taking medicine and already feeling way better.

Sunday was a good sunday. Lunch with the stake president, visits with some members. and we went to a house where there´s a possible baptism.!!!!

this morning we got our best lead. We tauht a man (vinicios) and his wife (Alessandra) And were able to mark their baptisms for the 22nd. They went to church once a couple of weeks ago with his cousin. I think they´re gonna be good. Thursday morning we´re going back!!! :D

Bowling on my last PDay in POA

Last time seeing Elder Viana, he goes home on the 10th

We are in a very wealthy area so we are given a lot of money for lunch.  We have more money to buy good food at home, I am slowly learning to cook!

Road rash!