Monday, December 10, 2012

Well, another week!!!!!! What happened this week? Well, first I´m just going to mention that my favorite fruits now are... Peaches, and Mangos. In that order, weird, I never liked peaches back in the States, but probably because I never ate them!!! I eat peaches and Mango every day here, literally every day! 
So, last week we painted another house, and with the sun, paint and sweat I got a rash on my arm, really small, not a big deal, but everyone here thinks I´m going to die, when the members see it they think it´´s cancer, I´m not joking, and I can´t explain what it is, and there´s no word here for rash  so they all say something like... If it´s not gone by next week you need to go to the doctor!!! So I just say, vou, I will if it doesn´t leave, bah.

This week I spent the morning (W/ Elder Viana) with Tiago, Tiago is a 21 year old that´s only home on the weekends because he´s in the hospital the rest of the week doing drug recovery (crack). Well, his mom had to go to the doctor, and he didn´t want to go, so the night before we said we´d stay with him in the morning (5-12) and make lunch, all the good stuff. (He can´t be left alone for obvious reasons.) So we did, First thing that happened, I was washing the dishes, but nobody told me that when you turn the water on high the thing explodes and water shoots all over you... So, about 3 minutes into it, the water shot all over me, all right, whatever no harm done... About 5 minutes later, I forgot and did it again, I was wet, and had to end up mopping. Well, about 3 hours later it happened to Tiago too... And he lives there so I didn´t feel as dumb after!    Tiago is great, he has a baptism date for the 12 of January, he´s recovered from drugs, but has a big problem right now... He smokes, not just a little, he smokes a ton, so we need to teach the WOW and start making goals. We´re not sure if he´s allowed to stop smoking though because well, it´s better than what he used to do. He went to church yesterday, didn´t smoke, loved it and it was great for everyone!!!
Speaking of church yesterday... IT was my favorite  Sunday of the year!!! Primary program!!! It´s even great when you can´t understand most of it! :D 

Yesterday we had lunch with the Lisboas (I´ll send a photo with them next week) well, lunch was good but at the end I ended up leaving the house with a hammock... Why? Well, let me try to explain, I still don´t exactly know why.

Every time we work in the apartments (a area we work) we see 3 guys going door to door selling hammocks, and every day I say to Elder Viana, I will buy a hammock before I leave, I´ve always wanted one... That´s that. Well, when we were about to leave lunch yesterday Elder Viana saw one of the hammocks, unused, sitting on their couch and he said... ``Ahhh, a hammock, cool, Elder Beary´s always wanted one`` Irmão Lisboa said, you can have it. After rejecting it, and saying I didn´t need it all that stuff, and he saying Ahhh, we don´t need it, we don´t have a place for it, I just bought it to be nice... I ended up with a hammock. I am very happy, very greatful but I feel a little bad because people here, would honestly give me their house if they could. 

My foot is taking a beating right now... I´ve got some nasty athletes foot and a nasty ingrown toenail... (I hope you´re eating while reading this so you can know my pain)

Hals (the sore throat stuff) here is basically candy, candy with the most powerful affect in the world. People eat it just for fun but it´s seriously so powerful here, way more that back home. 

My last story, sorry I don´t have any good ones like last week...

Well, a couple nights ago there was a huge moth flying around in our house, and I´´m so tired of bugs here so I smacked it out of the air... But being me, I couldn´t kill it, so I picked it up and started walking towards the door. Well, the stupid thing, not knowing how nice I was being... Bit me!!! With the most painful bite/sting of my life!!! Ya, I did end up killing it... But it wasn´t my fault!!!

Oh ya, one more thing, this morning I gave blood here, the needles are way thicker so it´s faster but a lot more painful... :(

I love you all!!!! Today is the end of my first transfer! I will be staying in Pelotas, with Elder Viana, but we changed districts! It´s now us and 4 sisters, Elder Viana will be the DL.

Elder Justin Beary

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