Monday, July 29, 2013

Well, lets get this week started!!! 

Tuesday we had distrito amigo in my area, then after that Elder Carlos and I taugh João Letícia and Fátima, but I don´t remember what we taught on Tuesday... Oh well...

Wednesday we had lunch then walked around on the streets fora  while without any luck before leaving to Bagé to prep for our reunion... Elder Carlos and I stayed the night with Elder Wright and Elder Marshall... That´s all that happened.

Thursday we woke up super early (4) to go to Pelotas!!! I was going home to the best city in the mission!!! :D We took a van 3 hours from Bagé to Pelotas where we had a great day of training with President Castro, Sister Castro and the AP´s. Nothing really noteworthy but it was great, I saw Elder R. Ferreira and his ``Son`` E. R. Ferreira gave me cologne for my B´day. :D IT was good to see him again!    I got my package of goodies :D then we went back to Bagé, on the van ride back we basically sang for 3 hours, it was good fun, but I think the drivers thing that the mormons are crazy... But, we kinda are, so, oh well...

Friday... Now the good stuff is coming...... Well, we taught João and Letícia and Fátima the law of chastity... Fátima thought it was great, but didn´t understand the part related to her about needing to be legally married... But for now, oh well.... I won´t say all of what happened right now becuase there was some personal and spiritual stuff that happened, but we got Letícia to open up, and definitly feel the spirit and gift of repentence that God gave us... It was great, and we invited her to baptism but she wants to wait until her birthday... In Febuary... wow, When she said that I told her that´s sad because I won´t even be here. Ç( But, it´s not importatnt if I´m here or not..

Saturday was a normal day We visited a lot of Less active members, and were able to find a couple of new investigators!

Sunday: Church was good. Letícia was a lot happier than usual, joking with us an everything. When they announced João´s baptism I looked at Letícia and all she did was smile and laugh.. I think she wants to be baptized on Saturday too!!! :D After church we went to the closet to pick out the baptism clothes for João and we put one up to Letícia too, and put it aside saving it with faith that she´ll be baptized too. :D Lunch was good, then we had the best part of the day... João and Letícia! Though, it didn´t go any where close to what I was wanting. The spirit was with us, we taught tithing, they agreed to live it but we didn´t even get to invite Letícia to be baptized with João on Saturday so we left there pretty disappointed going to our FHE with the Stake president and his nephew and niece. Well, we taught a good 2nd lesson for them about the Plan of Salvation and during it João called... Hmmm, wonder why. Well, We called back after and it was Letícia... Asking if it was too late to be baptized on Saturday too. :D I couldn´t hold the emotions back. The whole zone was praying for her, and I now have a firm testimonhy amout fasting.. That´s all I´m gonna say, we´re pretty pumped for Saturday now. :D

Photo from the conference
the present that Elder R. Ferreira gave me for my bday.
Me and Elder Carlos
My collection so far
I requested a package for Elder Carlos, he got it!  :)
Letícia and João at church yesterday!!! :D

Monday, July 22, 2013

Well, like always it was an uneventful week, but this time it was freezing! Though we´ve been getting a move on with João and his family!!!

Tuesday: We had distrito amigo here in Dom Pedrito (But in the other area) and the ZL´s came to give a little extra force. It went well, I went on splits with the new kid from Paraguay again (Elder Garcete) Then we passed by the RS presidents house to pick up our lunch money...

Wednesday: Mexican food!!! We had our mexican food and it was great! (Thanks mom and grandma) then we made our visits, we talked with João at a members house, invited him to baptism and!!! Nothing, he wants to be baptized but thinks he needs to go to church more and learn more so.. That´s that. We then had our leadership meeting and slept.

Thursday: lunch with the stake president, visited people then went to a dinner that Fátima wanted to make us (João´s mom) And spent the evening with them... They all said the same thing about needing more time...

Friday: We spent the whole day prepping for our activity. It went well, there were about 80 people there, 40 investigators and inactive members. We had a night of desserts! Everyone just talked, then we gave a message about the attonemnt. (The message where somebody has to do pushups to get a treat) WEll, I haven´t done pushups in 10 months and I was elected to do them... So 140 pushups and 4 days later I´m still sore, but I think people got the picture...

Saturday  we cleaned the chappel, went back to João, Fátima, Letícia and taught them again, we told them that we weren´t even gonna invite them to be baptized that day becuase we´ve done our part, and now God is just waiting for them... I was a little frustrated/sad with them that night..

Sunday João, Letícia and Fátima went to church. The class for the new members/visiters was about baptism (perfect right?) After the class João told me that he wanted to talk to us after sacrament... He told us that he wants to be baptized now, and we marked August 3rd!!! Right now it[s just him but we talked to his sister and mom that night and they both said that they want to be baptized too, but they want a little more time... They just need an answer!!!

Today Irmão Paulo and his family made a churrasco and cake for me and now I´m here talking to ya´ll!!!

oh ya, and when João told us that the elders and leaders in the ward were fasting everyone together for the missionary work... talk about immediate results!

In front of the Santa Maria River

Photos from my birthday party

Singing happy birthday to me

Monday, July 15, 2013

Well, I don´t have a lot to say. It rained a lot this week, and we finally have a famiy that´s worth talking about... João and Letícia went to church yesterday and their mom will com next week... João has been to church 3 times now, what´s the problem? Still don´t exactly know, but we´ll figure that out this week...

Tuesday: Zone conference and I got my birthday package!!! Thanks for the mexican food grandma and mom! It´s like you knew that´s exactly what I was wanting!!!! :D we got home at 8 so it didn´t give time to do anything else...

we´ve been recieving a lot of references these last 2 weeks so the work has really picked up, but besides fátima letícia and joão nobody is  progressing,,, yet!

Me and my comp

Monday, July 8, 2013

Welll.... One more week down!!!

Tuesday we had district meeting and distrito amigo here in Dom Pedrito... I went on  splits with the new kid from Paraguay... His accent was definitely hard to understand... But it was cool, we got some good work done... He speaks english too because his grandma lives in england... Though he calls pants trousers so... We had some problems....  After we took a drill back to one of the members because on Monday we did some home improvement...

wednesday we had the ward leadership meeting and other than that we just spent the whole day trying to find new investigators.... 

Thursday was more of the same thing... And we made our invitations for the activity that we´re setting up for the 19th. 

Friday was the same thing, with a priesthood dinner at night.

Saturday lunch with the cat lady!!! It was actually normal(er) the food was good, I didn´t touch a single cat. Though at one point one of them was trying to eat Elder Machados hair... Oh well, it was a way better experience this time!!! ya´ll can guess, we´re really trying to find new investigators but it´s difficult, we have good contacts now, just need to find the people when they´re at home...

Sunday Some members brought a friend to church (joão) It´s the second time that he´s been he´s 17 and really likes the church... So after lunch we were finally able to teach him because all the appointments during the week with him fell through.,.. It was good we taught him and his dad, João is super excited, and who knows... Maybe we can get the other 5 of them too, right?!?!?!  

Well another week without a cool story... Though I feel like something happened this week and I´m just not remembering... Oh well..

This one didn't work so well...

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

weLL, Monday we had a churrasco with Paulo after F. Silva said bye to everyone... He managed to lose his 100 R$ Bus ticket from Bagé to POA so we tried to find that thing on the ground in the rain... Ya, it didn´t go so well. 

Tuesday I went on splits with Elder Marshall from SLC for the day. His comp left too so I went to bagé and stayed with him for the day...

Wednesday we had zone conference and I met my comp and Elder Machado, and say elder Miller again... After Zone conference we waited until 3 for our bus then went to DP. We unpacked and cleaned the house until 7 when we had our meeting with the leadership.

Elder Miller gave me my Jersey that Elder Emanuel sent with him, and I´m looking good in it.

Thursday we started normal work, knocking doors the whole day, nothing special happened... Paulo was gonna leave with the other 2 and show them the area but he called and said that he had to get emergency surgery so.... Ya.

Friday we had lunch with the bishop so we walked a lot... Then we bought a card for Paulo and gave it to his family... And we knocked doors the whole day... again... 

After that we went to the elders quorum dinner through the pounding rain and killed the night there...

Saturday morning I was told that I´d be giving a talk on Sunday so I got to prepare that sucker in the morning... We then came home a little bit early that night to finish preparing our talks... (Paulo was gonna speak but..........) Pretty empresive that I made it 10 months without givign a talk, I guess I can´t complain, right?

Sunday was church, I gave my talk... It went all right... and we visited paulo in the hospital on sunday.Then we had a normal day until 7, when we watched Brasil win the Confederations cup... Brasil is the best team in the world again!!! Cool right?!?! I wish the U.S. liked soccer.... Oh well....

That was a boring week right? Stuff should start picking up this week since we have so many new investigators.

Picture of our dog that we adopted on the street (neighbores dog)