Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry late Christmas and now more important Happy New Year!!!!!! Feliz ano novo!!!! Weird to think that I won´t see my house or actually see (not through a computer) any of you this year, but hey, this is the first and maybe last time I´ll be able to say that! 

So, as my mom knows last week I mentioned ``Space Jam`` in my email to her because I saw a cool Space Jam tie I wanted and I remembered how awesome that show is, well of course, the next day while I was at Tiagos house we saw a commercial for Space Jam, that was going to be on the next day, talk about temptation... I think that was kind of unfair, but luckily there was no chance to watch it...

Speaking of Tiago (and Helena) Their baptism has been moved up a Saturday!!!! They will be baptized Saturday (05-13)! Why? What made them move the date up? Well, becuase last Saturday after Tiago smoked the last ciggaret in the pack he decided he was done. He had 1 more week of smoking was the goal but he decided to buy a lot of hard candy instead and so far he´s going strong. He said it hasn´t been that hard too, he said he´s felt fine, just happier. So, we marked a new date with them, well. He was ready we knew that, we were a little worried though about Helena because the whole time she´s been the pesimist. Always saying, are you sure Tiago, you have to be sure this is what you want, Tiago you need to think... But, after 3 weeks of telling her she needs to believe in Tiago, and have faith she finally has a testimhoney. When we asked her, well, what do you think about being baptized with your son This Saturday she said... Why not? If I´m going to be baptized on the 12 why not on the 5? Well, this is way different than usual, becuase she was always saying stuff like ``I don´t know if I´m going to be baptized`` Her story, she was baptized last year in a different church then stopped going and doesn´t want that to happen again. But then she went on to say other stuff about how she believes this will be good for her and her family, this is the right thing for them. She finally said that she sees the help of God through this church with Tiago and his problemS!!!! Passed tence! 

Well ya´ll, I was sick this week too, I had my first sick day (it wasn´t a sick day, just a sick morning) Thursday when I tried to wake up, I couldn´t. My whole body hurt, I felt like I had to throw up, I had a nasty cough, so we got some medicine, I slept until about 10, then we started working at about 2. It was miserable, but we´re through it now... Dad, you´ll be happy to know, that on Wednesday we started teaching at 9 and continued until 9... Is that a little better for you?

I don´t know if any of you remember Max and Jaque, but they´ve been the ``perfect`` (not so perfect) investigators... Who are now again perfect. They know everything, but until 3 weeks ago they´d been really flakey with church and with our visits. The day of our Zone Christmas party with the president, during his training for us, she called, just randomly called. She asked when we were gonna visit, and all the normal stuff she used to do like nothing changed. Well, we visited Saturday, and she was normal, nothing special nothing bad. The next day was Sunday (obviously) and the other missionaries were preparing for a baptism the next Saturday so it was announced to the ward that there would be a baptism next week. Well, in a good way Max and Jaque were a little mad about that (mad at themselves) because they´ve been going to church for about 5 months, know everything, want to be baptized and this other couple has been going for just a month, so that kind of lit a fire in them... We went and visited with them Wednesday and Jaque said ``I know if I or Max die today our Judgements won´t be good, becuase we know everything. We know this is true, and right for us, but we aren´t baptized, we´re not doing our part´´ Báh, even their 6 year old daughter has been asking them why they aren´t baptized. So finally, they´re setting a marriage date this week, then we have to wait 20 days after, then they can get married then they can get baptized!!!!!!! After Elder Aires left (he was the missionary before me) Max kinda lost his fire, and trust in the missionaries, but yesterday I got it back a little more... He didn´t lost his trust just his good friendship with them because Elder Viana doesn´t have a lot of fun... But yesterday some music came on and I started singing along to it (it was Bruno Mars:Lazy song) Then Max pulled out his big pile of Hip Hop music, and when I knew most of it he was happy and said stuff like... Tchê, I don´t understand it but I like it, I love Hip Hop, so now we have that common ground. 
This is one of those things where it´s not exactly the best way for it to happen, but it´s a good thing because of the friendship again. Sabe?

That was all that happened this week, next week I´ll be sending photos of a baptism!!!!

Pray for Tiago and Helena so they can be baptized this week!!!! :D   

I just think this baby is adorable... She´s 1 of the 7 kids of Franciele and Marciel. That house is crazy but a lot of fun when we go to visit....

Eu amo vocês!

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