Monday, November 25, 2013

WEll, first off to answer the question that everyone was asking.. yes, Finally after a good time of working with less active members we were finally able to reactivate some of them... Well, actually alot. Yesterday 8 opf them went to church. Including Andreia!!! :D 

Well, it was a normal... really hot week. On Tuesday we had our district meeting, with a really cool training, it was probably the coolest one that I´ve seen. Elder Ritz is my DL I don´t know if I´ve ever said that.  Then we worked normally, visiting our investigators and less active members. 

And last night the elders from the other ward (elder Ritz and Marshall) slept at our house becuase we were gonna go hiking today but... We didn´t end up hiking. Though last night was fun, we played monopoly and ate food. It was almost like having a normal life..> but not.

Just to alarm ya´ll a little bit more, there were more gunfires this week close to home but, nobody was shot!!! just a battle!!! This week I had a couple of things to write but... i forgot my planner at home. 

Though I´m doing well here, just continuing with the same things. getting ready for Christmas (And thanksgiving) though, just christmas here!!!! Though I would like to eat a turkey and potatoes!!!! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tuesday: we spent the whole day visiting less active members in the (condominio cristal) Where the person was shot last week. so, that was a pretty fun experience when we were walking on the street and saw the blood stains...

Wednesday: We visited Isabel, and more less active members (we´re working with less active members quite a bit becuase we were given a promise by Elder Mazagardi that if we work more with them we´ll baptize more so... gotta do it right?)

Thursday: we visited Paulo and Andreia, ate what was probably the best dinner of my whole life. Salmon, and a lot of other fancy things. we also prepared for the activity that we had on Friday!!!

Friday: Rain, and a lot of  it!!! Of course it didn´t start until about 1 hour before the activity making a lot of people stay home but, oh well. :( We had a good lual!!! Good food, music apresentations and everything like that!!! No investigators went but, oh well. I still had fun!!!l

Saturday: We got to clean from the activity (because we didn´t even leave the church on friday until 10:30.... oops, then we had a normal day, we ate lots of food visited some references that we recieved from members and ya. People here like to talk, we listened to one guy talk for about 2 hours, during this time we kept trying to leave and he kept talking and talking and talking... patience.

Sunday was a normal day, church, lunch, nobody home becuase everyone goes to the beach and has churrascos on sunday. So, we went home at about 6 to study and prepare for Pday. :D ha!!!!

Getting ready for Christmas!

Fancy dinner

After getting caught in the rain

All set up for the party

With Elder Ritz

With Paulo and Adreia and family

Monday, November 11, 2013

 Well lests start off with the most important news first. Last night we had FHE with Paulo and Andreia (in a sketchy area) and as we were about to leave Andreia got called and told that someone was murdered just down the street so... we had to wait about a half hour for the police to arrive before we could leave, cool right??? At FHE we played games and ate the best cake of my whole life!!! I didn´t take photos becuase It was raining a ton!!! (still is actually)

This week was good, we visited a lot of less active members and I mean a ton... Like a lot. It was also really hot this week, it´s not even summer yet, but the head is back. I miss winter. :(  To be honest the week was the same every day. Just at a difference lEss active members house. Always FHE with food and stuff.... Sorry, I´m just not in the mood to write that much today. Ha. (Sorry mom, don´t hurt me.)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Anothier week without photos but, that´s just because there´s not a lot of stuff to take pictures of here.

Tuesday: A normal day of work while everyone went to the bus station for transfers. :( I wanted to go to so that I could see all the people!!!) But, oh well. We did our stuff and waited patiently for Thursday to see everyone!!!!

Wednesday: We had our district meeting in the morning, a lot of new people came in... Actually, only 4 in our zone, but the other district completely chagned. And our district only changed like this (Elder Hiatt left and Elder Marshall came) for the 3rd time I´m in the same zone as Elder Marshall (Viamão, Bagé and now POA SUL) WE then had a normal day of work, kinda. WE cut our hair to prepare for Thursday, then visited Jair and Iara. We then had to go to the church to help one of the members of the bishopric with something on the computer.

Thursday: Happy Haloween!!!! WE weren´t allowed to dress up. Ç( But, we all went to the mission home for our ``Mission Tour`` With Elder Mazzagardi from the 70 and the area presidency. It was super cool, he´s funny and gave a really good training. I also saw a TON of peopl there!!!! Everyone in the North part of the mission was there. So, I saw, Elders... M. Nascimento, Fagg, Staples, F. Silva, S. Silva, Xavier, Tapp, A. Miller, Gagnon and others... But I think these are the names that I´ve mentioned before. 

Friday: We had a good day of contacting new people... Including David and Carla... Why are they special?: Well, He´s a (more or less) Famous singer here in Brazil the name of his group is David and Elvis. He´s an RM that served in JOão pessoa and baptized over 300 people. Now he doesn´t go to church too much becuase he has shows on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays. Well, when we first got there he came out with a huge old bandaid on his face and everything swollen becuase he got surgery a couple of days ago. Plastic surgery becuase ``Look is 50%) And he´s got money to do it. I felt kinda at home, they have 2  cars, 2 huge tvs, a macbook (first time I´ve seen one here) and a PS3. And they eat at mcdonalds and Pizza hut a lot. We were invited to mcdonalds after his surgery heals. :D Ha!!! And for those of you who don´[t know, Mcdonalds is expensive here. WEll, he also gave us a reference that we started working with. So, I think he´s gonna stay close to us for a bit.  We then had FHE with recent converts!

Saturday: we had lunch and a reunion with our Ward mission leader. Then we contacted people and went to clean the church. After that we went to A less active families house for FHE. We weatched church films and ate Mexican chili, Fish Pizza and Cake. :D We´re almost there with Paulo, though I think the problem is Andreia. Paulo is a member for a bout 3 years. He´s inactiveve for just as long. Though, he´s read the BOM 2, and knows it better than most active members here.

Sunday: Church, lunch, ward leadership meeting, rain, Paulo and Andreia again where we had cookie cake and watched more movies. :D

So, our lunch on Friday was... 5 stars. We have a family here (Cris and Morôni) He´s a chef at a restaurant and knows how to cook, really well. So we had a super good super healthy meal there with Wine! (Without alcohol... though I don´t like grapes so, whatever.)

So on church sunday they were talking about why people don´t make the HOme teacher visits..> They asked why people don´t visit in Utah... I said Because of Football games... Everyone laughted. It´s too bad that they thought I was joking.

“When the Holy Ghost brings light and knowledge to the mind, it is like He floods a room with bright sunlight. Children who grow up in active, faithful homes grow up in that sunlit room. Light and truth is all around them every day. So when the Holy Spirit begins to bring light and knowledge to their own minds, it doesn’t seem that remarkable. In some cases, it is so much like the light they have known all their lives that they barely even notice the light now found within themselves.”