Monday, January 7, 2013

The week of the baptisms!!!!!! the biggest bestest news, not for me, but for God (and for me too) is that I entered the water for the first time!!! I entered the freezing water because the water heater at the church is broken right now (we didn´t know that until we got there) but I was able to baptize Helena, while Elder Viana baptized Tiago. That was Saturday... The whole week was in preperation for the big day so lets recap!!!

Monday (31-12-12) after the last email, well, it wasn´t a lot of prepping for the baptism, but we stopped the house of Helena and Tiago before we went to our ``festa``. The ``Festa`` was with 10 missionaries, and the family of Marco and Jose, we had a Churrasco (claro) and played tradional gauchão songs on the drums basically for 3 hours...

Tuesday (1-1-13) We went over the interview questions with Tiago and Helena and taught tithing (the one thing we thought Helena would have a problem with) they didn´t have any problems and were definitely prepared. Other than that, not a lot happened on Tuesday.

Wednesday (2-1-13) I went on splits with Elder Lindsey, Elder Lindsey is a ZL, from St. George and I went to school with his cousin. I didn´t really know her, but I knew of her. During the day, I learned a lot, I learned way more about the importance of the 1st Lesson (Restoration) (1 thing that Elder Viana didn´t really believe in before becuase it is kind of strange to walk into somebodies house and tell them why their church is wrong, it can come off kind of harsh so almost always we would start with the 2nd lesson (plan of salvation). But now, we´ve started teaching a lot of powerful first lessons using the Restoration.) During the day Elder Staples was on splits too, with Elder Erico (I was in the CTM with him, but during the stay at the CTM his name was Elder Do Rego, Do Rego is also a bad word so President Castro had him change.) All 4 of us had lunch with Tiago and Helena, and dang was it good. Then those 2 left and Elder Lindsey did the baptism interviews for them (Elder Viana is a DL so we have to have a ZL do our interviews). They passed with flying colors and all was ready for the baptisms!!!!!! Also, it was the birthday of Gulia and Guliana 2 of the daughters of Marlom and Gilsele. Well, Elder Lindsey and I stopped by and the whole house was running, all that stuff, but the parents were gone, and their uncle was at their house... They were panicking getting ready to leave because Marlom cut off his right middle finger at work, so they were all going to the hospital.

Thursday (3-1-13) We ended up going to a funeral for a member in the ward... I didn´t know her because she´d been sick for quite a while, but it was still sad to see everyone crying. Other than that, not much happened. We stopped by Tiago and Helena before we returned to the house just to talk and read a scripture.

Friday (4-1-13) We passed by the house of Marlom and Gisele but, Marlom was still in the hospital so we didn´t stay long. (we´ll visit tonight) Random thing, Jesus the Christ is one of the coolest books I´ve read. We taught our last lesson with Investigators Tiago and Helena, and not much more happened.

Saturday (5-1-13) Lunch with the bishop. We taught our first lesson with Renato (his son (Cristiano) is a member but not in our ward, a different city. Cristiano is visiting and basically taught him all the lessons, so we´re just recapping) He has a baptismal date for the 19th of January.   At 7 was the Baptism!!!! Was cool and cold. After the baptism we went to their house for cake and soda.

Sunday (6-1-13) We found out that next Sunday President Castro is visiting just our ward, then having lunch with us, the bishopric (Minus the bishop, he´ll be out of town) and Marco and Jose. Cristiano talked to us about his dad, and wants to move the baptism to this Saturday, we thought about that too but didn´t know if he was still drinking coffe. He´s not, Cristiano switched him over to Cevada already. So, tonight we´ll talk to him and swith the baptism if he wants. (Cristiano leaves Pelotas on the 14th, so he wants to be here for the baptism, can´t blame him) 

That was my week in a nut shell... Oh, 1 more thing, I found out on Saturday that about a month ago Elder Marques and Elder Staples were held up, in MY area... I didn´t understand when they told us a month ago, but it was brought up and I understood this time. They were walking after lunch at about 3 in the afternoon through the Apartments of Pestano (which is mine and Elder Vianas area) when a guy walked around the corner and told them to give them their watches... They didn´t, because Elder Marques, I don´t know if he´s brave or just stupid. But, Elder Marques said, no. I won´t, my girlfriend gave me this watch (elder Staples gave him his before Elder Marques started talking). So the burglar said, Do you want to die? Elder Marques said, show your weapon. The guy lifted his shirt and had a gun in his pants. Again, the burglar said do you want to die... Elder Marques said no, but you can choose. If you shoot us, we´ll be safe, but you´ll have an eternity of hell. Go ahead and shoot 2 representitives of Jesus Christ... The burglar one more time said give me your bags... Elder Marques said, no... I won´t give it to you. All I have are books and pamphlets that you don´t know how to read anyway. After the burglar realized this wasn´t going anywhere, he told Elder Staples and Elder Marques to leave.... Hmmm, that was that.. 

ON that note!!! Love you all!!!! See you soon...ish!
New Year's Eve

picture is from new years eve, in just 2 minutes of running from the bus to the house of a member (Marco and Jose), this is what happened... And yes, I lost my name tag, still have the tie

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