Monday, December 2, 2013


Tuesday: We spent the whole day finding new investigators until our appointment at 6 in our apartment complex... Though, she wasn´t home. so we sat waiting for her until about 7 until we decided that she probably forgot, so we left and waited again at about 9 when she usually gets home, nothing. that sucks because she´s supposed to be super good! :(

Wednesday: We got $ for lunch, kinda. The sister forgot to leave money so her 87 year old dad ended up serving us bread and milk... oh well, at least we ate, right.    We took advantage of the extra hours we got out of it and visited people in the ``Cohab``

Thursday:Thanksgiving!!! Distrito amigo in our area, didn´t do that much. Oh well, at least we tried. that night Elder Oliveira taught a guitar class, I don´t really understand why still but, oh well. haha. Though thanksgiving was cool!!! I got my christmas packages! :D And I bought a cheap pizza! (Though I know why it was a dollar, oh well.) Thanks everyone for the Christmas ornaments!!! :D

Friday:We took our list of references that we recieved from the pass along cards... too mad that nobody told us that this list (Which they gave to us this week) Is a year old, The people didn´t even remember requesting the stuff. Oh well, at least we did our job, right?

Saturday: English class in the morning, lunch with Andrea and Paulo, then we visited people until our dinner with Cris.   We basically just visited less active members in the ``Cristal`` The dangerous area.

Sunday: Church!!!! then lunch with Barth and Rosana, went home to drop off our stuff, went to visit the Less active members that the releif society gave to us. Then we had FHE with Paulo and Andrea... i ate, a lot. I thought I was gonna be sick.

What a bummer that I really got sick, right??? I´ve thrown up 3 times today (Though I can´t complain, it´s been quite a while since I´ve gotten sick) Don´t read this if you have a week stomach!!!! It was the nastiest throw up of my life, it came our really thick and almost solidish... If only what came out of the bottom came out solid... Alright, sorry for the details!!! :D though I love you all! happy Christmas month! :D

Thanks for all the ornaments!

I was too excited to wait until Christmas to open this gift!
oh ya, I forgot to mention that we had water problems this week.. Maybe that´s what made me sick. 
I finished my study journal!

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