Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday we spent Christmas eve at Andreas and Paulo´s

Wednesday!!! Christmas at home, then skype!!!! :D That was great to see everyone again! I ended up catching a ride back to David´s house. Once we got there we were surprised with Pizza Hut!!! :D

Thursday!!! Doctor and study day, one day I[ll end this stuff.

Friday!! We had lunch then were emergency called to the ZL´s area so that I could do some baptism interviews... It took from about 5 until 9 so... That was it, though before we went to Vó Lias to confirm there presense at church... (more importantly her great grandaughters... we´re trying to baptize her)

Saturday:Normal day, we found 1 family super cool, Candida and Henrique and taught them, theypre a reference from his daughter that lives in a different ward. They work everyday so we can only find them home on Saturdays, that´ll be the only problem with them.

Sunday:  we had a normal day at church, lunch with paulo and andrea, tried to knock doors, that didn´t work sowell... Ha, then at about 7 the elders from cavalhada came to sleep at our house becuase they had a doctors appointment at the same place as me so we all went together!!!!

With Pietro, Leo and Dudu

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