Monday, December 16, 2013

Well, week one with Elder Machado went well.

Monday: Oliveira said bye to people, and we ended the day ( a good part of it) At Paulo´s and Andrea´s.

Tuesday: Oliveria said by to Jair and iara then we went to the bus station until about 5. Took a taxi home (Machado and I) and then we went to buy stuff. At the bus station I saw a bunch of friends and met Elder Fagg´s parents. 

Wednesday we had district meeting,  then Elder Machado met some of the people before we went to FHE with Andrea and Paulo

Thursday: Was a little bit harder, we walked to the belem velho... For those of you who dodn´t know where that is... It´s far away... all up hill. Not even kidding. We walked for over 2 hours to get there, taught 1 lesson (the other people weren´t home) then we walked back... Over 10 KM and it was really, really, really hot. Ps, quick weather forcast... Over 90 all week, and summer doesn´t start until the 22nd... I´m not too excited for this summer.

Friday: We went to eh mission home to pick up our new cell phone, and that took up a good part of our day. 

Saturday we practiced for our skit at the christmas party (tomorrow) then we ate lunch, at home... And we stayed home because my toe was hurting alot (In 2 hours I´ll be going to the doctor, hopefully this time the problem doesn´tcome back)

SUnday was a normal sunday, we had lunch and then FHE with Andrea and Paulo. 

My new comp is super cool, I´m liking my time so far and my new responsibilities... I love you all!!!! :D Almost merry christmas!

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