Monday, November 25, 2013

WEll, first off to answer the question that everyone was asking.. yes, Finally after a good time of working with less active members we were finally able to reactivate some of them... Well, actually alot. Yesterday 8 opf them went to church. Including Andreia!!! :D 

Well, it was a normal... really hot week. On Tuesday we had our district meeting, with a really cool training, it was probably the coolest one that I´ve seen. Elder Ritz is my DL I don´t know if I´ve ever said that.  Then we worked normally, visiting our investigators and less active members. 

And last night the elders from the other ward (elder Ritz and Marshall) slept at our house becuase we were gonna go hiking today but... We didn´t end up hiking. Though last night was fun, we played monopoly and ate food. It was almost like having a normal life..> but not.

Just to alarm ya´ll a little bit more, there were more gunfires this week close to home but, nobody was shot!!! just a battle!!! This week I had a couple of things to write but... i forgot my planner at home. 

Though I´m doing well here, just continuing with the same things. getting ready for Christmas (And thanksgiving) though, just christmas here!!!! Though I would like to eat a turkey and potatoes!!!! 

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