Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Justin's email from last week did not send, but he found the first half of what he had written.

Well, on Tuesday we had our big ole christmas party!!! Apresentations from the zones, we had lunch at the "Green smell"and more presentations. (Ours was the best) we had the spiritual part and got presents from Mrs. Clause!!! ?D

Wednsesday we had a normal day, visited the people and tried to find new investigators but it[s hard right now... People are nice during the contacts but tell us to wait until the next year to pass by.

Thursday  we went to the foot doctor again... Nothing. Only next Thursday she[ll take off the nail. So, we worked normally until the end of the day.

Sexta: Distrito Amigo! My 1st as DL, after we bought a pizza and I learned a little bit about how to play the Ukelele!!!!

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