Monday, October 7, 2013

Here we go...

Monday. Nothing]

Tuesday: service lunch, then we had to fix our shower, that broke... Again, for the second time this transfer well... As you might know here they don´t store the water and heat it in a tank, the water gets headed at the shower head as it´s coming out so the shower head likes to burn out... Turns out we had a little bit of a  problem with the wiring in the house so a member came over after lunch and helped us(He did everthing) fix everything in our house so we could stop taking cold showers! after that we had a FHE with a less active family!

Wednesday we had our district meeting, then everyone went home to eat lunch and then we had our ``Distrito amigo`` Well, there I went on splits with an australian that has 3 weeks in the field, lets just say I taught everything that day. Though it was kinda cool, it made me realize how much that I´[ve really learned here in the last year and month.After that we went to our baptisms house and talked with them, it was a good  night! Everyhitng is ready for Saturday! :D

Thursday: We had a service project in the morning (But what´s new here we serve... a lot, it´s good but I kinda miss studying) Then it rained, and it rained, and it rained. So, we did some indoor service projects while visiting members (We were actually just hungry and tired of the rain, it worked. ;)   ) That was our whole day, eating and talking with people out of the rain!!! :D

Friday: We finally had a good day with decentish weather and a lot of people to visit and invite to conference!!!! We started off running, and continued running until the end of the day, inviting everyone to conference and... unfortunately to say, it didn´t 
go so well. Nobody went. The stake center is pretty long from our area and..f. I don´t know, b ut nobody went. fOh well, at least I got to hear the prophet... :D And on Friday when I got home I recieved a phone call from Fátima and Letícia! That made me happy!!!!

I´m waiting for your cards to get to me, also waiting to send cards because the post office is on strike... What a pain for a missionary isn´t it?

Conference was great!!! FOr the few people that were at the stake center watching it. Ha. :D Between the sessions on Sunday we went to the River (Guaiba) And took pictures (looks lieke the ocean doesn´t it.) That´s really my only cool news!

last story, so. After conference yesterday we were trying to go home right... Right. Well My grandpa (Elder Vianas trainer) Was with us and told us that this bus would get us home. We believed him...A After about 15 minutes we realized that wasn´t happining and we were headed for the central! SO, hereés this photo. In the end we had to go to the central, then take another bus to get home. We were on the busés for about 2 hours last night! That´s the only kind of cool story that i have. ANd, the picture didn´t turn out so great becuase the bus was moving.

this is the guy that trained elder Viana (My dad) He married and is now living in this stake

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