Monday, October 14, 2013

Well, I won´t lie... tuesday we did absolutely nothing... We studied in the morning then went to the church where we had our zone training and interviews with Pres. Castro. That took the whole day... Until about 6 actually, then we were hungry so we went to a less active familiies house for dinner.

Wednesday: We did a ton of stuff, nothing that was super memorable, we went to confirm the baptisms but... They weren´t home so, ya... That´s that. 

On thursday we confirmed the baptisms for real then we played uno with them for a little bit!!! We taught Heber visitied the recent convert here in the ward that´s pregnant (She´s 14) That was good to talk a little bit with her.

Friday we went on splits so that our DL could do the baptism interviews. I stayed in the other ward with Elder Hiatt and we walked a lot because everything that they planned fell through. Cool right, as if it´s not bad enough when that happens in my own area, now I have to deal with it in other areas!!! :(

Saturday I came back to my area, we had our classes at the church (English and guitar) We taught Heber again and then we went to get the church ready for the baptisms, the tank takes forever to fill up so we had to go the night before.

Sunday: We passed by their house to walk to church with them... Nobody answered. We were a little bit late so We thought maybe that they were at the church already, we got there... Nothing. we called and called and called... Nothing. Well, after 2 hours of calling one of them answered said they were on there way. They got at the church about 20 minutes before it ended and we got everything ready really fast...

What happened (basically) The baby cried the whole night, they didn´t sleep unti 5:30 and didn´t hear anything. It was a tiny bit more complex than that but ya´ll will have to wait for that story. :D It´s a lot to type.

My companion cut my hair

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