Monday, October 21, 2013

Well on Tuesday we had zone conferences, 3 zones went to the mission home and had our conference, it was super cool, we then had lunch at a restaurant and went home at about 7.

Wednesday we went to the temple! We left at ten thirty, ate lunch down town with our zone then took another bus to the temple. We had the session, took photos then we went home, getting home at about 8 after eating a snack in the center.

Thursday we had a normal day of work ya know? Nothing super interesting happened.

Friday: We went to a recent converts house that lives way far away. they picked us up at the church and made us a dinner, before that we visited some people. When they were taking us home they took us on top of a mountain and we were able to see the WHOLE city, it was super cool, though I forgot my camera. Next tame I´ll take pictures. ;)

Saturday: English class in the morning (No one went) :D  So we4 visited people after lunch going to a lot of Less active peoples houses and that sort of stuff. We got some good info on why they went inactive.

Sunday: Church, then Gre-Nal (GrĂªmio and Inter played) So nobody was on the streets!!! We visited members then hade a marked dinner with another member.

Our ward mission leader had his baby (his wife actually had it)  The branch ``Chui´´ Opened up Why is that so cool, look up that city So everyone wants to go there to open up the work!!!

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