Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

weLL, Monday we had a churrasco with Paulo after F. Silva said bye to everyone... He managed to lose his 100 R$ Bus ticket from Bagé to POA so we tried to find that thing on the ground in the rain... Ya, it didn´t go so well. 

Tuesday I went on splits with Elder Marshall from SLC for the day. His comp left too so I went to bagé and stayed with him for the day...

Wednesday we had zone conference and I met my comp and Elder Machado, and say elder Miller again... After Zone conference we waited until 3 for our bus then went to DP. We unpacked and cleaned the house until 7 when we had our meeting with the leadership.

Elder Miller gave me my Jersey that Elder Emanuel sent with him, and I´m looking good in it.

Thursday we started normal work, knocking doors the whole day, nothing special happened... Paulo was gonna leave with the other 2 and show them the area but he called and said that he had to get emergency surgery so.... Ya.

Friday we had lunch with the bishop so we walked a lot... Then we bought a card for Paulo and gave it to his family... And we knocked doors the whole day... again... 

After that we went to the elders quorum dinner through the pounding rain and killed the night there...

Saturday morning I was told that I´d be giving a talk on Sunday so I got to prepare that sucker in the morning... We then came home a little bit early that night to finish preparing our talks... (Paulo was gonna speak but..........) Pretty empresive that I made it 10 months without givign a talk, I guess I can´t complain, right?

Sunday was church, I gave my talk... It went all right... and we visited paulo in the hospital on sunday.Then we had a normal day until 7, when we watched Brasil win the Confederations cup... Brasil is the best team in the world again!!! Cool right?!?! I wish the U.S. liked soccer.... Oh well....

That was a boring week right? Stuff should start picking up this week since we have so many new investigators.

Picture of our dog that we adopted on the street (neighbores dog)

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