Monday, July 22, 2013

Well, like always it was an uneventful week, but this time it was freezing! Though we´ve been getting a move on with João and his family!!!

Tuesday: We had distrito amigo here in Dom Pedrito (But in the other area) and the ZL´s came to give a little extra force. It went well, I went on splits with the new kid from Paraguay again (Elder Garcete) Then we passed by the RS presidents house to pick up our lunch money...

Wednesday: Mexican food!!! We had our mexican food and it was great! (Thanks mom and grandma) then we made our visits, we talked with João at a members house, invited him to baptism and!!! Nothing, he wants to be baptized but thinks he needs to go to church more and learn more so.. That´s that. We then had our leadership meeting and slept.

Thursday: lunch with the stake president, visited people then went to a dinner that Fátima wanted to make us (João´s mom) And spent the evening with them... They all said the same thing about needing more time...

Friday: We spent the whole day prepping for our activity. It went well, there were about 80 people there, 40 investigators and inactive members. We had a night of desserts! Everyone just talked, then we gave a message about the attonemnt. (The message where somebody has to do pushups to get a treat) WEll, I haven´t done pushups in 10 months and I was elected to do them... So 140 pushups and 4 days later I´m still sore, but I think people got the picture...

Saturday  we cleaned the chappel, went back to João, Fátima, Letícia and taught them again, we told them that we weren´t even gonna invite them to be baptized that day becuase we´ve done our part, and now God is just waiting for them... I was a little frustrated/sad with them that night..

Sunday João, Letícia and Fátima went to church. The class for the new members/visiters was about baptism (perfect right?) After the class João told me that he wanted to talk to us after sacrament... He told us that he wants to be baptized now, and we marked August 3rd!!! Right now it[s just him but we talked to his sister and mom that night and they both said that they want to be baptized too, but they want a little more time... They just need an answer!!!

Today Irmão Paulo and his family made a churrasco and cake for me and now I´m here talking to ya´ll!!!

oh ya, and when João told us that the elders and leaders in the ward were fasting everyone together for the missionary work... talk about immediate results!

In front of the Santa Maria River

Photos from my birthday party

Singing happy birthday to me

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