Monday, July 29, 2013

Well, lets get this week started!!! 

Tuesday we had distrito amigo in my area, then after that Elder Carlos and I taugh João Letícia and Fátima, but I don´t remember what we taught on Tuesday... Oh well...

Wednesday we had lunch then walked around on the streets fora  while without any luck before leaving to Bagé to prep for our reunion... Elder Carlos and I stayed the night with Elder Wright and Elder Marshall... That´s all that happened.

Thursday we woke up super early (4) to go to Pelotas!!! I was going home to the best city in the mission!!! :D We took a van 3 hours from Bagé to Pelotas where we had a great day of training with President Castro, Sister Castro and the AP´s. Nothing really noteworthy but it was great, I saw Elder R. Ferreira and his ``Son`` E. R. Ferreira gave me cologne for my B´day. :D IT was good to see him again!    I got my package of goodies :D then we went back to Bagé, on the van ride back we basically sang for 3 hours, it was good fun, but I think the drivers thing that the mormons are crazy... But, we kinda are, so, oh well...

Friday... Now the good stuff is coming...... Well, we taught João and Letícia and Fátima the law of chastity... Fátima thought it was great, but didn´t understand the part related to her about needing to be legally married... But for now, oh well.... I won´t say all of what happened right now becuase there was some personal and spiritual stuff that happened, but we got Letícia to open up, and definitly feel the spirit and gift of repentence that God gave us... It was great, and we invited her to baptism but she wants to wait until her birthday... In Febuary... wow, When she said that I told her that´s sad because I won´t even be here. Ç( But, it´s not importatnt if I´m here or not..

Saturday was a normal day We visited a lot of Less active members, and were able to find a couple of new investigators!

Sunday: Church was good. Letícia was a lot happier than usual, joking with us an everything. When they announced João´s baptism I looked at Letícia and all she did was smile and laugh.. I think she wants to be baptized on Saturday too!!! :D After church we went to the closet to pick out the baptism clothes for João and we put one up to Letícia too, and put it aside saving it with faith that she´ll be baptized too. :D Lunch was good, then we had the best part of the day... João and Letícia! Though, it didn´t go any where close to what I was wanting. The spirit was with us, we taught tithing, they agreed to live it but we didn´t even get to invite Letícia to be baptized with João on Saturday so we left there pretty disappointed going to our FHE with the Stake president and his nephew and niece. Well, we taught a good 2nd lesson for them about the Plan of Salvation and during it João called... Hmmm, wonder why. Well, We called back after and it was Letícia... Asking if it was too late to be baptized on Saturday too. :D I couldn´t hold the emotions back. The whole zone was praying for her, and I now have a firm testimonhy amout fasting.. That´s all I´m gonna say, we´re pretty pumped for Saturday now. :D

Photo from the conference
the present that Elder R. Ferreira gave me for my bday.
Me and Elder Carlos
My collection so far
I requested a package for Elder Carlos, he got it!  :)
Letícia and João at church yesterday!!! :D

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