Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Well, transfers are in!!!! :( Everybody is leaving me... It doesn´t make a whole lot of sense but I´ll stay in Dom Pedrito with 3 new people, I don´t know how I´m gonna teach the area when i don´t even know it but, whatever. Elder Carlos will be my Comp. and Elder A.Miller (From my MTC group) Will be coming to DP.
Lets start the week!
Tuesday was Zone conference, then we stayed the whole day in Bagé becuase I had a doctors appointment at 5, we went home, got homeat about 9, then went to bed.Cool, né?

WEdnesday was a normal day

Thursday I threw up so we didn´t do anything

Friday it was freezing cold and raining, we took the flew shot and everyone got a little sick, ya, that was a very productive day. 

Saturday was back to a normal day of work, and I watched the Brasil Italy game, Brasil won 4-2. :D 

Sunday was normal sunday until the conference, we don´t know when or how our work will be changed, all we were told is we´ll recieve updates as our timegets closer so... ya´ll will recieve the same ones!!!

WEll, back to the rough world of Brasil where all that´s going on are soccer games and riots... Ya´ll should check out the riots if you haven´t seen them yet,good thing I´m in a tiny city.

Lunch at the bishop's house

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