Monday, July 15, 2013

Well, I don´t have a lot to say. It rained a lot this week, and we finally have a famiy that´s worth talking about... João and Letícia went to church yesterday and their mom will com next week... João has been to church 3 times now, what´s the problem? Still don´t exactly know, but we´ll figure that out this week...

Tuesday: Zone conference and I got my birthday package!!! Thanks for the mexican food grandma and mom! It´s like you knew that´s exactly what I was wanting!!!! :D we got home at 8 so it didn´t give time to do anything else...

we´ve been recieving a lot of references these last 2 weeks so the work has really picked up, but besides fátima letícia and joão nobody is  progressing,,, yet!

Me and my comp

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