Monday, June 17, 2013

Well, another week in the books!!!

Tuesday was distrito amigo in Bagé, so we left early tuesday morning and got back Tuesday night, nothing special happened! Though it was valentines day here so there were a lot of single snakes in the Bagé Central... 

Wednesday nothing happened.

Thursday the other two left for POA to renew Elder Fagg´s visa, so we had to the house to ourself, and it was a SUPER normal day.

Friday We went to Bagé to go to the doctor... I got an ultrasound done on my stomach... Ya, that was cold, and weird... Not something I want to do again, got back at about 7 and visited a couple people then called it quits and went to the store!!!!

Saturday, we had lunch, watched the start of the confederations cup... By choice, no... BUt EVERYBODY was watching it so... I´m getting a taste of what the world cup will be like. Then we had a dinner appointment from our lunch that we had to cancell on Friday.

Sunday: Church, lunch, visiting members, and p-night!!!! wHAT AN EVENTFUL WEEK NÉ?!?!!?

wELL, here in Dom Pedrito, we´re all anxiously awaiting the missionary training thing next week! And the historic announcement that should be coming with it! President Castro said that it will be something that we´ll be able to brag about in 40 years, saying that we were in the mission POAS when this happened.... So, we´re anxiously waiting, with wild ideas about what it´s gonna be!!!!

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