Monday, June 3, 2013

Well, last week on PDAY we made 20 liters of lime juice (Basically lemonade) TO prep ourself during the week to drink Tereré. Well, the sad thing is it only lasted until Wednesday.. Oh well...

WE had district meeting and distrito amigo. IT was a normal day, I bout 2 more pins, then I went on splits with Elder Emanoel because the other 2 had a lot of stuff do to at night, and we didn´t have anything set in stone... When we got home a huge lightning storm started, I have a video, but I can´t send it on this email. :( Then... We slept.

Normal day of work, nothing special until our meeting with the leadership!!! So we wen´t  to the church... And nobody showed up.... >(

Was a holidayy!!! Our lunch just happened to be with Paulo (The ward mission leader) SO he finally hooked up that churrasco that he´s been promising... Well, I´m not gonna lie. It was the best churrasco that I´ve ever had... I´m ready for round 2. Well, then the rain started pounding again... So much that it wasn´t even possible to do anything.So, we went home... Where we found the other 2, (they had the same idea) WE studied, slept then fought our way through a continuing rain storm to get to our appointment.

Normal day... Kinda. We had lunch at one of, no, the dirtiest house I´ve ever been to. It was tiny, doesn´t have a table, so we ate on the couches... Interesting these kind of people that don´t even have bed frames, but they have playstation, big screen tv... oh well, that´s besides the point. Well, while eating one of the 20 cats started walking towards my plate, so... I pushed the freaking thing off the couch. I didn´t think much of it... Until we were leaving, while I went to shake the wifes hand she gripped it with all of her force and told me to never touch one of her cats again... Wow, this city is definitely different that my first 2.

Saturday was a normal day....
Sunday too. Though yesterday we ``got`` to watch the Brasil vs. England soccer game. It was kinda cool, getting me excited for the world cup here!!!!!!!

Today we had a service project where we tilled a garden then planted green onion... I felt like a real farmer... Kinda. It was cool we kept sucking on the green onion during, it was a nice treat for our hard service!

Me and Elder Fagg pointing at the Gringo sign

Planting green onions

The only monument in Don Pedrito

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