Monday, June 10, 2013

WEll, this week was actually kind of eventful!!! I think

Tuesday: I actually don´t remember what happened. Oops

Wednesday: We just worked a normal day, then watched a soap opera with a less active member ``Sangue Bom`` I don´t know if I ever told ya´ll but popular tv here is Soap operas. Everyone watches them, everyday.

Thursday: Another normal day!

Friday: Well, I´m not gonna tell you what happened that day becuase everyone will just be worried about it. Anyway, we went to Bagé, I met a guy that likes american football, so we talked about that for a while, then we came back to Dom Pedrito. That´s it. 

Saturday: Woke up early, went to Bagé (Again) ate lunch, I shot a basketball for the first time in 8 months... Ya, not gonna say anything else about that experience. Had a training and interviews with President Castro. Went to BIG (Walmart) and bought stuff (wasted time) For 2 hours waiting for our bus. After 10 months I finally gave in and bought Doritos! (and mouth wash) Then we came home, slept on the bus, got off a little early, Elder F. Silva left our cell phone on the bus, so we had to end up walking to the bus station anyways... Pffff.

Woke up this morning to a ton of fog.

Sunday: Went to church, there was a childs baptism... Went to lunch, watched the first half of France vs. Brazil (The game was in POA) :( it was tied 0-0 when we stopped watching... Brasil won 3-0, looks like I watched the wrong half. :( Then we made contacts to have Elder F. Silva´s first week with 140 contacts in his mission!!!! Woo!!!

P.s. I didn´t know that Gifford Nielson was a member of the 70!

2 hour adventure at BIG
2 hour adventure at BIG

2 hour adventure at BIG

Love getting letters!

Churrasco at the ward mission leader's house

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