Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Well, first off I made pancakes!!!! Kinda

2nd, what´s gonna happen on the 23 of June!!!! I don´t know if I´m worried or excited!!!!   WEll one more week in Dom Pedrito... It´s definitely a new expeirience.

Well, we had a missionary fireside yesterday in Bagé so we went to lunch, then we left to bagé, 1 and a half hours on the bus, 2 hour fireside then took a bus at 10, finally getting home at midnight... I hate being in the middle of no where, though it´s kinda cool.

Sorry my emails are getting crappy, I don´t really remember what´s going on, but I´m writing a lot of stuff down!!!! I went on splits with an Argentine last week, he was hard to understand, he only has 3 months on the mission, and a super heavy accent. Elder Fagg made Stroganaff last week, We played a lot of poker... Not sure if that´s allowed. Oh well. :D

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