Monday, March 4, 2013

Tuesday: The new elders showed up, Elder F. Lima and Elder Amoral... They were actually companions in the CTM... 1 year and 11 months ago. They both have 1 transfer left, but Elder Amoral had asked to stay an extra transfer... 1 problem, now he doesn´t want to, he´ll tell president today, and who knows what will happen. It doesn´t make sense to have them both die here then shut the area again... We spent our day waiting around until about 6 because nobody had a cell phone, so we were told to just wait for them... Then, we started teaching Milena... She´ll be baptized next Friday... This isn´t really a fair baptism because she´s been going to church every Sunday for 3 years, the problem was her mom never wanted her to get baptized... Well, her cousin is one of the missionaries (sisters) That will be leaving soon (next week) So the Lord is now blessing her family before she´s even left. We talked with Milena the sunday before, and found out that she wasn´t baptized and everything. Set up an appointment to talk to her mom... But, her mom gave permission but says she doesn´t want to talk to us... That´s cool I guess.

Wednesday: Zone conference in the morning... ALl my letters were put in the bin for ``Zona Partenon`` But with the zone split I´m in ``Zona Viamão`` So, I should get them eventually. :( We taught Milena at night... Still going strong, had dinner there with her aunt and cousin, Cochorro quente (hot dogs)... They´re different here, but they´re good. LUnch was us 4 missionaries at the same place... The only time this will happen. Becuase the area is so big, we´ve split it into 2 areas (including lunches) 

Thursday: we had a service project for Irmã Eva (an old lady in the ward who lost a daughter 2 weeks ago) Then she made lunch for us, which was perfect because we had been given money to eat in our house that day. :) We went to our house to shower, change and wait for furniture to arrive. We went over to teach Milena... THen went over to Mara´s for a Yoki!!!! Man, that food is good..l. I´m excited for the next 29th... :)

Friday: 6 months!!! Kind of, there is no 29 of feb. so, the 1st of March is where I´m going to count it!!!! Well,,, with a mixture of eating a ton, then not having time to walk it off, then the room temperature water I´ve been drinking because I was sick... I ended up getting worse... I puked all over the street at about 11 on the way to lunch, so... We went to lunch after, I ate a little bit of bread and sprite... Then we went home where I slept until 7, then went to teach Milena then over to  Carols where she bought a pizza... Ya, I ate more bread. Fun right... THough, I was given tea at all 3 houses we went to, so now we have a ton of tea at our house!!!! And, I´ve never drinken so much tea in my life!

Saturday and Sunday: Uh huh, today was Elder Ferreiras turn to get sick... He had head surgery when he was about 10, so he´s always had problems... Well, this weekend he was having problems, so we stayed inside until the sun went down both days... IT was a pretty unproductive week, but hopefully we´ll be healthy next week and make up for last week!!!!

P.s. Rain here is not a good thing... Becuase it never rains here enough to cool down, but after it rains the next day is horribly humid... 

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