Monday, March 18, 2013

Lets start this!!! First off I´m writing this email from the heart of Porto Alegre... There´s so many cool things here that I want to take pictures with but, also I don´t want to get mugged... So... Probably won´t take any.

Tuesday: We had lunch, then went to the stake centers for a training with the ZL´s and interviews with the president. He wanted to interview everybody in this zone, so that´s what happened... It ended up taking until 7, so we stayed there because we were the last ones, what luck right? Then president Castro took us home, and we went out and worked for an hour and a half... Or at least tried... We had just enough time to confirm our lunch then teach 1 lesson!!! :D

Wedensday: Our lunch that we confirmed fell through... Then we had a normal day of work, ended the night with Carol, asking for lunch on Thursday because we were without. Of course she accepted... Wow, that was a boring day... I promise Thursday is better!!!

Thursday: Lunch with Carol!!!! A normal thing right, until I took my shoe off to fix my sock and she saw my toe... It may or may not have been badly ingrown and infected... Well, she started getting preoccupied saying I need to go to the hospital... I was denying it, and finally she made Elder R. Ferreira call Sister Castro... He explained that almost my whole toe was pink... And she said we had to go immidiately... Well, we went to work for 2 hours, so we could at least pretend to get somthing done... Left at about 4, got to the hospital at about 6, then waited and waited and waited until 9... Finally got in, the doctor was the same one that checked me for a hernia last month... He said that my toe was so infected that usually he would give me medicine, and wait a couple days, but with my schedule he would just do it... Well, after 3 shots of anesthesia he started... After still a  lot of pain, he gave me 3 more, including 1 right in the center of the infection... He started again, and it was still the most painful ``surgery`` of my life. Though it was fast... We got out of there at about 9:30 then got to our house at about 10:30. Called Sister Castro, confirmed everything and slepped... I was told to go 5 days without shoes... That´ll be interesting right?

Friday: Everyone was telling me to rest, but we had District Amigo!!! So, we worked. Made new investigators for the other elders in our ward, and that was that... I explained to everyone I can stay in the house with pain or I can work with pain... What´s the difference??? At this time I have a huge bandage on my toe and I´m using a Sandal on my left foot.

Saturday: Training with President Castro... It was good... He also told me that I should take some time off... So, listening to the president (he was the only person I was gonna listen to) We went to lunch then stayed inside until 6, then worked... Nothing special happened... But we confirmed passing by the house of an investigator in the morning to go to church with her...

Sunday: We went to church, lunch, visted members and came home at 7 to rest and stuff... A new family moved into our ward last week, so we´re visitnig them... Found out the dad isn´t baptized.

Random facts: There was a murder 3 blocks from our house this week. Our mission recieved the first 19 year old Brazilian girl. Youtube: Diego Brandão Book of Mormon and go to the 4 minute mark... This week I saw a shirt that said ``Huntington Beach`` On the top and ``New York`` On the bottom... Ya... Got my package!!!! Durnig church yesterday I was explaining  all the pictures in the BOM and Bible to Dudu (Carol´s son) and we got to one of the temples in Jeruselum that Christ used...  I explained to him that it´s not a temple that we use anymore. This week we had the last day of Summers, and... it´s starting to get cold... That´s for sure.

My spiritual thought!!!!

During our training with President Castro he was talking about WWJD, we need to think what Jesus would do if he was in this situation... But then, we need to have the courage to actually do it!

Love you all! Until next week!

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