Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday: today, we kept getting shut down our day, so, we decided to make as many contacts as we could, and, our goal for the week is 140, I think I´ve mentioned that before... Well, we made 50 each, and ended the day with 100, this week will be easy right!!!! Keep posted. Other than that not much got done, we had lunch... And that´s about it... 

Random note, last week in every mission the email time got changed to 1:30, cool right?!?!?!

Wednesday: We had a meeting with President Castro in the morning... Then we did the same thing, walking around trying to make new investigators... Cool things that happened. I saw my first rainbow!!! And Elder R. Ferreira made a contact that I will never forget... After about 2 hours of the same thing, you just kind of go about saying the same thing without to much heart because you get discourged... So, we knocked on a door, a 16 year old girl answered, elder Ferreira talked about the church, and he asked if she had anyone else here, she said no... Then we went on to say ``Que bênção`` Translated to ``What a blessing`` Basically meaning Perfect!!! Her face then dropped, and she looked scared about what his purpose was... I couldn´t stop laughing so, I walked a little off to the side where my face was hidden by a tree. And little Elder R. Ferreira didn´t even know what he did! Our FHE got cancelled so, we went to Carols where we ended the day.

Thursday: Meet my new companion!!!! Wait, what? Well, there was an emergency transfer in a different area, and we got affected too... Elder Amaral left, I switched companions (in the same ward/same house) and Elder M. Nascimento is now comps with Elder R. Ferreira... My companion is Elder F. Lima. He has 2 more weeks left on his mission, he was a ZL for 1 year before coming on a special 3 week mission here with another ZL (Elder Amaral) so, I´m in good hands. 

Friday: We had Distrito amigo in the sisters area, so that was our whole day, making new investigators for them, then we had a reunion with the bishop and ward mission leader where they finally are getting the idea to try to help us divide this ward/stake!!!!

Saturday: Was a normal day!!! Until 5, then we had a baptismal service at our chapel with the whole stake... Every baptism was marked for this day, at our chapel, and more then 15 baptisms happened, and more than 300 people were at the church for a little fireside, baptisms and snacks... Including President and Sister Castro and the 30 missionaries in the stake!!!! 

Sunday: Hmmmm, what could have happened to spice the week up? When we showed up to church, everybody in the ward had a broom, or a squegee or a mop trying to push all the water at the door... I guess the baptismal service on Saturday kept on going!!! Becuase the whole chappel had over 1 inch of water, we didn´t start church until 9:30 (1 hour late) and all the members were helping... I actually think it was a good thing. The whole ward was working together, for a good cause. And now, everyone has a cool story to tell in 20 years!!!! the rest of the day was a normal Sunday, trying to talk to people, but ending up at peoples houses instead... If you´re thinking we didn´t do anything this week that´s becasue you´re right... We ended the week (numbers with my newe comp.) With less than 5 lessons, and exactly 140 contacts, because mine and Elder R. Ferreiras contacts were split... I made my 102. :D 

Random things! First off it´s weird that Easter is in March this year. 2nd I saw Elder Viana in the central of POA last week (he´s a ZL now) and he gave me updates on F.O. The best news first... Gabriel, the 14 year old boy I baptized there... well, his dad AND mom were both baptized last month!!! :D Max and Jaque got married/baptized last saturday! Other people that i don´t know if I ever mentioned are getting super close!!! Now, 1 sad thing... The day after I left Pelotas Tiago started smoking again... I sent him a card last week, and hope it can help a little bit. He´s still going to church every Sunday, just stupid smoking. :(
In one of our lunches this week, one of the Sisters of the ward here found out that my name is Justin... She then said, oh looks like we found the next big thing... So I replied with I hope so!!! Innocent enough right? Wrong, becuase I didn´t actually hear what she said, I just assumed, what really happened is she said ``Wow, looks like I found a husband for my daughter`` My reply was the same ``I hope so``. I´m not going to comment anymore... 

Happy Easter, I love you all! Remember the real meaning (not the bunnys) I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I do!!! :D

About that photo, I´ve started my new thing here... Tebowing across the Rio Grande. I don´t have any photos of the new comp yet... Next week I will.

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