Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lets start with Tuesday!!!

Tuesday: We were given permission to go to the temple! So, we had lunch with Mara, went to the temple and got back to our house at 9... That was our whole day. Though, I was super happy to finally go to the temple here... And finally was able to buy stuff... I bought so much stuff at the temple for about... 11 dollars. :D 

Wednesday and Thursday I´ll do together because... Nothing happened.

I got sick, so Wednesday we went to lunch, then came back to the house, slept and studied for 2 days... Didn´t leave the house... that was a whole lot of not fun...Though, fun fact. I learned that even in a different country, I cry during Charly! I guess some things will never change right?!??!

Friday:  We had service in the morning with Mara, then tried to work 3 days worth in 1 day to make up for the sick days... Didn´t work so well, we walked around in the hot sun for hours but hey, we tried!! We had one appointment (FHE) With a less active family and watched the other side of Heaven and had dinner, so it wasn´t a complete waste of a day!

Saturday we had a ``Chá de missionários`` The ward here has 4 people leaving for a mission in the next couple month, so a normal thing here is for everyone from the ward to come to this chá and give presents, socialize, all the missionaries give a little talk, all the leaders. Elder R. Ferreira and I spoke too.(IT´s kinda fun being able to joke in português) It was a fun night with the ward, and a bunch of their family who aren´t members, (1 we´vestarted teaching) 

Sunday: Was a normal sunday, church, lunch, hot sun, trying... But yesterday was worse than usual becuase Gremio and Inter played, so once 4 came around, everyone was sitting on the street... 1 problem, everyone was sitting on the street, with a beer, watching the game...

That was my week in a nutshell! Still waiting for the transfer news!

UPDATE:  Transfers!!!!!!!!!!  I will stay in the same area with the same comp... That´s all the news we´ve gotten so far... Hmmmm, that didn´t help much.

photo outside of the church before the baptism last week
First off this photo is with Jefferson, he´ll be leaving for his mission in June... To Boston. after 5 weeks of being without a camera charger, he gave me one because he lost his camera and had it laying around... I need to think of something to give him... I can finally start taking pictures again!

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