Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Well... I´ll start the big email now... And finish it plus more on Monday!!! :D

Baptism will be on this Saturday for Carol and Dudu (Eduardo)!!!

Tuesday: Lunch was with Mara, we had an appointement with Carol and Dudu that night, we ended up staying there from 6 until 9. WE just start talking, and keep goind because she´s alwasys asking questions wanting to know... and other than that we walked around on the street for a long time trying to make contacts of people that didn´t care... Oh well, we tried, right!!! Qualify every day!!!

Wednesday: District meeting, lunch, taught a couple 1st lessons... Miracle I know!!! Then the good thing... We didn´t do anything after 4 o clock... That´s not true. It was Maras birthday so we had her party... We bought stuff for a yoki ( i don´t know if that´s spelled right) Elder Xavier and Elder William bought a cake and drinks, then Mara made yoki, while we basically babysat... The sisters came over at about 6 to eat... And it was just a fun night!!! It wasn´t the best use of our time but it wasn´t exactly the worst eitehr!!! There were 3 investigators and 4 less active members there!!! I´ll justify it as good.

Thursday: Lunch was in our house... Becuase we have some members here that don´t like to give us lunch... NOt really, it was just the wife and daughter at home, because he works so they like to give us the food, then we take it to our house and eat. Then we took a list of 15 less active families on 2 streets, and walked up and down it trying to talk to them... Nobody was home, or they´d moved or they´d died... Until the very last house we talked to an old lady who´s served a mission, and everything, she´s just sick... But she came to church this Sunday!!! :D Then, we had an appointment/dinner with Carol and Dudu... We watched the Joseph Smith movie... Carol cried... Quite a bit. Then we ate. :D The best part for a fatty like me!!! 

Friday: We had a training with President Castro in the morning... We´re going to have a training every week with him until April because our zone is splitting, in preperation for the stake split here... We´re forming a Zone Viamão next transfer, and getting 6 new missionaries in the zone, including 2 more in Montanha!!! After that we did a new thing called distric atmigo... Where the whole district works in one ward for the day,k making contacts and new investigators for them. We worked in the sisters ward, and next week is ourt turn!

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