Monday, February 4, 2013

Well, I would like to start off by saying in July I picked the superbowl correctly.
Now, to the important stuff.
(Sorry this email is gonna be short, we´re pushing time today)
Tuesday:We had a district meeting, nothing special. Then we taught Carol and Eduardo... They´re still perfect. Then we had dinner With Mara. (Mara is our mom away from home, she´s not a member but her kids are. We eat there 3ish times a week.)
Wednesday:This was the one day of the week I forgot to use sunscreen. And this was the one day that I needed it, we walked on the street for 6 hours without entering a single house becuase everyone is leaving for the beach and preparing for carnival next week. So, after 6 hours, I was burned and feeling sick. We stopped at a members house for the last 2 hou
rs of the night, then went home and I slept like  a baby.
Thursday:Another day of walking around the streets without a purpose because all of our investigators, and less active members left. I don´t know if ya´ll are catching the trend yet, but this was pretty much our whole week, and will be the next 2 weeks as well until carnival ends.
Friday: Friday, we were supposed to decorate the chappel for a talent show, but we showed up at about 7, and it was locked. So, we went to the house of the other elders here and made posters and stuff to hang
up the next day...ç This was all that happened, because during the day nobody was home... Shocker right? We´ve visited a lot of members this week.
Saturday: Well, I woke up with a pain in my stomach... Thinking it was a hernia from all the walking..AFter a little while of not being able to handle it anymore, I called sister castro, she said go to the hospital becuase all the Dr. Offices are closed. We did that after lunch. Sat in the hospital for a bit, they checked me out. And they think nothing is wrong, hernia wise. Though the doctor said I have a weak muscle in my stomach from the surgery. So they gave me a steriod thing that I´ll take, and if it doesn´t get any better they´ll reevaluate. As of now, everything well, but we haven´t done too much walking yet. After the hospital, we went to the talent show and that was our day... Again, wasn´t a very produtive week.
Sunday: Carol and Eduardo came to church, they liked it alot. Like I said... Perfect investigators. After that we walked around the street for a while, went to the house of 10 what would be new investigators... Nobody was home. Then we went to
some members houses and shared LMR (lessons members reffered) (a lesson we do with members trying to get references)
And that was my week. Sorry it was boring and short, with no photos, my camera is dead and the battery is at my last house in Pelotas, I´m waiting for it, I should get it next Zone conference... I´ll try to do better next week. Love you all!

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