Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday: During sacrament meeting one of the members of the primary presidency gave a talk, and during her talk she started to cry... Well, one of the cutest things I've ever seen happened... ONe of the primary kids ran up to the pulpit and handed her a tissue... That was the only rememberable thing about Sunday, this is still in the heat of Carnival, so other than that it wasn´t much.

Monday: This was quite the day... Well, Elder Williams parents came down to pick him up, and they took 20 missionaries to lunch (paid for all the food and drinks) at one of the nicest churrascarias in POA. I can´t lie and say I didn´t enjoy it. After that we came back to our house and played games and had a normal P-day!!! IT was a good way to celebrate Elder Williams last day!

Tuesday: Carnival is still going strong. Though I forgot to mention that during the district amigo last week I found a Marcado Justin and a resturant named Los Hermanos... Those are both on my list of things to take a picture with as soon as I get my camera charger.

Wednesday: We finally got some work done!!! We decided to just go around and make new investigators so, that´s exactly what we did, after some dtime of duing that, we had an appointment with Carol and Dudu, we read the 10 commandments with them, and they´re still just perfect, waiting for the water. 

Thursday: We went on splits with some members from the ward, and made more new investigators, I went with Diovani, his dad´s the ward mission leader, he leaves on his mission in 2 weeks to the São Paulo Ribero Preto mission. We went around and makde new investigators, and I tried my luck at being the senior companion for a day... it wasn´t too horrible!!!! 

Friday: WE had district amigo, this time in our ward, Elder Hokanson (DL) went on splits with Elder R. Ferreira so he could do the baptism interviews for Carol and Dudu, so I was with Elder Affleck... I have better Portuguese than him... Well, once again it wasn´t to horrible.  I´m ready to be the senior!!!! Lol, maybe in 6 months... Well the baptism interviews went perfect. Elder Hokanson said he´d never interviewed somebody so prepared. :D

Saturday: BAPTISM!!! I was able to baptize Dudu and E. R. Ferreira baptized Carol. It was the best baptismal service of my mission so far. The spirit was strong, the ward attendence was good, everyone was happy, Rodrigo was there as well. We took good photos, told the story of how we met them, and didn´t have to do anything... ( I didn´t mention that Carol said the week leading up to her baptism was the hardest week of her life) but it all worked out, everyone is happy!!! Then we worked during the day, tried to follow up on some of the new investigators, then had dinner with Carol and Dudu to celebrate!!!! :D

Sunday: First we had daylight savings here... I didn´t know that, good thing E. R. Ferreira did... Right? No, he moved the clock the wrong way, church here starts at 8:30... We showed up to the chappel at 6:30. Uh huh... Our one day of the year to sleep an hour more!!! We slept an hour less. Well, tudo bem. We had the confirmations of Carol and Dudu, I confirmed Dudu... It was a lot better this time than it was the last time I confirmed someone... Not great, but better. The bishop invited Carol to give her testimoney ( I don´t know how to spell that word, that´s probably one I should learn) and she is one of the shyest people when it comes to speaking, but she did it!!! :D and of course everyone loved it. The ward is really helping bring her and Dudu in, this is the first family baptized here in over 3 years. We then walked around in the heat of the sun, talking to almost no one... So we went to Mara´s at about 6, stayed there until 9 helping her with her new furniture, and eating. When we shared the message with her she cried (2nd time in a row) she told us for the first time in 10 years the messages are starting to hit her with emotion constantly, I think we´re the first missionaries in who knows how long to talk about baptism with her... Here´s to hoping!!!

I love you all! Sorry for the lack of email last week! :D

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