Monday, November 5, 2012

First Week in the Mission Field!!!

Well, I don´t even know what to say about the last week in the CTM it seems so long ago but, I liked it a lot. There was a fair amount of tears and happiness... Now, to the field!!!

I woke up at 3:30 to finish packing and leave the CTM by 4:30, got to the airport at about 6, flight left at 8. We arrived in Porto Alegre at about 10, then got to the mission home at about 11. We did some orientation, interviews and then got our trainers!!! The new elders sat on one side, the trainers on the other then they would call our names and we would meet in the middle to hug and sit, we had a little advice given to us, then it was off to the bus station to go to our areas!!! Some of my group stayed in Porto Alegre but... Not me, I took a 3 hour bus ride to the beautiful city of................................................................. Pelotas!!!! I´m in the Pelotas Norte zone, serving in the Fernando Osórlo ward!!! The ward is too good, they´re all really nice and cook really well... That night I had my first experience with chimarrão... Not going to lie, not the best thing I´ve ever tasted, plus it burned my tongue a fair amount. Though now I love it!!! The best way I can think of how to describe it is... WHen you have a lot of original sunflower seeds in your mouth at the same time... But it feels like it´s on fire, ya´ll will have to try it in 22 months!!!  before this though (this was all at the 2nd counselors house) We went into his back yard where he has a bunch of birds and we held his turkeys... Ya, you read that right, I don´t know why but we did. My companion is a native, Elder Viana, I like him a lot, he´s been really helpful, I can´t wait to learn more from him for the next 3 months. He´s from Fortaleza, he´s been here just 7 months, he knows enough english to get by. It was weird being here on halloween because,,, very few people cared about it... The next day though we had a ward activity and it was a halloween party, we couldn´t do much because it was a dance but it was fun to be at! We have a couple investigators ready for baptism!!! But, 1 big problem... Not legally married, I think I´ll be running into this a lot, they´re close though, by the end of the month they should be baptized!!! They´ve been members, all but baptized for months now. 

Here´s my embarrasing portuguese story for week 1... While talking to the bishop I told him. ``Eu não falo muito bom, mas eu quero ajudar sua mala`` well, for all you english speakers that don´t know what I said I told him... I don´t speak well, but I want to help your bag.`` Mala is bag... I meant to say ala, which is ward... Oh well, I caught myself right after, not to much harm done! 

Everytime we go to someones house they give us juice, I´ve never had so much in my life, but I´m starting to like it!!! Though, sometimes I would kill for a glass of water. I can´t help a ton in the lessons because I don´t understand it all, but... I can bare my testimony... Plus, my lack of portuguese I think is helpful when we´re making contacts because people think it´s cute... Legit, I think it helps, plus they don´t want to make me feel bad. Mom, please send more afterbite. I hate mosquitos and I don´t think what I have now is going to last very long... Thanks! ÇD

I´m going to start teaching an english class next week!!! It´s an idea we have to get us new investigators and help the ward... I think it has potential!!!

Coolest story of the week time... So, one of the members in the ward is a DJ for a Saturday night radio show... Guess who was on the radio in Pelotas last Saturday!!! This guy... I didn´t say much but Good night Pelotas and I helped the Irmão say ``make fun of`` my name; Oh well, I can say I was on the radio in a different country, beat that Jordan!

I´m so happy to be here, even though it´s a lot of walking it´s worth it! I want you all to know that I have a testimony that Jesus Christ lives! That Joseph Smith restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Te amo!!!!

Elder Justin Beary

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