Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012

Well, first off!!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!! (I think, I don´t actually know for sure but I assume.)

First news, rumor on the street is that Portuguese is the 5th hardest language to learn... I beg to differ, I think it´s the hardest. Second, it´s weird how our brains work... 2 nights ago I had a dream, and in that dream I was punched in the jaw... Don´t ask why, I just was... Since I woke up yesterday my jaw has hurt... Strange.

Here-s the biggest news out of Pelotas!!!!!!!!!!! 5 more days until my first Baptism!!!!!!!! This is the first you´ve heard about it because as of last MOnday we´d only known her for 3 days... So... Story time, remember the radio thing I did? Well, we took a LDM to Paulo he had zero interest but... His mom invited us in, we taught the Plan of  Salvation and invited her to church... The next day we called her to remind her about church, but we didn´t really think she would go... Well, she went!!! And we´ve s!!!!!! So, we visited with her every day since, she always makes us food (which isn´t always a good thing) it´s good food but contrary to popular belief missionareis don´t always have to eat!!! She has a very christian background and family in the church (1 sister). A couple days ago she told one of her friends from her other church (she´s evangelico) well, was. ``I´m not going to go to church anymore`` Her friend asked why? And she said ``Because I have a new church now! ANd I´m going to be be baptized on saturday`` Everyone knows about it, she told and invited her whole street. When we told her people will probably try to talk her out of it and tell her it´s a bad idea she replied with... I know... And I don´t care. :D She´s very sweet. She has... 76 years. 

Other than that not a lot more has happened! I will tell you more about Paulina next week because we´ll have a baptism!!! 

We´re walking a lot and not getting a lot of lessons taught... I don´t know why but it´s been slow... And hot... I got 8 letters today!!! Can´t wait to go home and read them all!!! Thank you to everyone who rights and emails me! I love ya´ll!!!!

Te amo!!! :D
typical dinner with Irmã Paulina

statue in the center of Pelotas

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