Monday, November 12, 2012

Another week!!!

I don´t really know what to say this week... Ummm, it was really hot, and even more humid. I don´t know the numbers but, I honestly felt like I was swimming when I walked. I got sunburned, but it has now turned nicely into my mission tan line. It´s been cloudy and rainy the last 3 days though which I like so much more, I say that now but we´ll see how I feel once July comes around. I forgot to mention my other nicname I got before I left the CTM, and I actually kinda dig this one because I love Spiderman. But, the brazillians that left the same week as I did called me Peter Parker, I will hear that every time I see them, and I´m okay with that. 

The mosquitos have finally started to leave me alone, maybe because I´m becoming a real Brazillian!!! Or, maybe because I´m using repellent, either way I´m happy with it. Too bad about Romney right??? Every time I walk some where I´m told that Obama won, I think because every Brazillian wants to be the first to let me know, but all they do is remind me, it´s nice down here. I love the ward, I had my first and second churrasco this week, the first 1 was for one of the brothers birthday (the same one that I had my first chimarrão), the second one was yesterday for lunch with one of our investigators and her family. (extended family).

Oh, we have 3 investigators with baptism dates now!!! That doesn´t mean they WILL get baptized but, it´s a good start! I think they will, :D December 22nd is the goal!  Though, we think 1 of them will be later this month. 

On Saturday we did a service project, we turned 1 of the nastiest back yards into one of the most organized nasty back yards! I don´t know how much you can see in the photo but hopefully enough to kinda know! 

We had a very very very good week, not just by my standards but also according to our numbers!!! Last week we had 4 people attend church... This week... 12. Ya, in case you were wondering that´s really good for down here! :D 

It´s nice getting an hour to email now but... Now I don´t really know what to say because I haven´t been writing stuff down, this week I will write down everything that I want to share!!!! I am doing pretty well with the language, got great, but better than I was expecting. My goal is to be comfortable with the language by Christmas time, that´s definitely reasonable. I still have a hard time understanding everything. And some people are definitely harder to understand than others. There´s a couple families that I can talk with fine, then others that I just sit there and listen because I have no idea what´s going on. Still drinking a lot of Chimarrão, and Guarará. I´m eating a lot more now too, I don´t know if that´s a good thing or not though, as of now I´ve lost 2 kilos since last P-day but I´m sure it´l start catching up to me. I want to go bowling, that´d be too fun. 

I hope everything is good at home!!! Almost happy tThanksgiving!!! (I actually don´t know what day it is) But while you´re eating a turkey who knows, maybe I´ll hold another one!!!

Te amo!

-Elder Justin Beary

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