Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week Eight

1st. I learned that I am allowed to play soccer on my mission, I´m very excited about that. Ummm, I get to drink and eat all the things down there, nothing is against the word of wisdom. Winning. I really regret not bringing some sauces for the CTM (A1, Tapito... etc...) But I wouldn´t need it in the field anyways. We sang Ye Elders Of Israel this Sunday and people said we did well, not much more news on that. Sunday, the CTM choir (everyone is in it) Sang Joseph Smiths prayer and the president liked it so much he asked us to do an encore... So that was pretty darn neat, we always do a verse in english, portuguese and spanish because those are the 3 languages peop.e here speak. We have started palying basketball here during gym because the brazillians swarm you when you try to play that, ummmm, Tuesday morning we wooke up and didn´t have any water becasue they were changing the filters, that kind of sucked. Especially since missionaries were leaving they woke up early to shower and catch their planes, the water turned off early on them so 1 kid (elder Shepard) Was all sudded up, the water turned off so he had nothing to do. People worked together and filled up cups of water from the sink ( it took about 5 minutes to fill up the cups) Then gave them to him to throw on himself, it ended up working out so I guess there´s no complaints. Ummm, day light saving sucked, like it wasn´t bad enough waking up at 630 we had to do 530 for a day, and they didn´t let us go to bed earlier... i think we´re 5 hours different from Utah now?  Weird. 
I definitely see an improvemnt in my portuguese, thank goodness to since I leave in just 5 days... Hmmm, ready or not. 
I realized I´ve never talked about my good friends from the week below us, Elder Howard and Elder Huxeford, they´re sick dudes,that´s about it. Oh, google ``Seth Huxeford, Indiana Baseball`` or something like that and see if anything pops up, he´s got a cool article about his mission in a paper. 

Thank you everyone who sent me packages!!! I don´t know where to start, mom for the cookies/cereal/milkshakes Jess and Richard for the Twix. Grandma for the pizza parties... Yes parties (Best grandma ever) Today my district has 4 pizza parties coming so, ya, we´re going to be very fat today... I couldn´t be happier.

Monday we got to go proceliting... I know that word isn´t spelled right, oh well. We had 2 really cool experiences.
1st, we talked to one kid about the church, he alrdeady had a LDM (Livro de Mormon) Because sisters had talked to him earlier, he was interested in the church so when he saw us he wanted to talk to us again. We basically ended up teaching him the restoration, gave him a pamphlet about it and he said ``I will read this because I want to feel in my heart what you do`` So, I asked him if he knew how to pray, he did because he´s a churchy guy, he reads the bible every day, that kind of stuff. So I challenged him to pray about it and he smiled and agreed to it... That´s that, we´re not allowed to give them info or anything, all we can do is hope they call the number to receive missionaries to there house... I don´t have time for the other one, but it´s in my journal so ya´ll can read it in 2 years!!!!

Dad... Happy Birhday!!!

Love you all, I´m doing great, hope you are too!!!

Eu amo vocas!!!

-Elder Justin Beary

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