Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week Five

Well, a good week, a pretty quick week... and... I´m half way done with my MTC experience! :D D: Saturday was our 1 month point, so technically our half way point. To celebrate this we tied our ties half way, everyone was wearing blue and we did a middle part and during gym time we tucked in our shirts and pulled our shorts up... Before you make fun, we ran the court. For an hour straight we didn´t  lose a game.. Now that´s just as good as a half way point can get. (pictures to come eventually) It was just a good day, we nailed TRC like usual. (TRC is our practice teaching fake investigators) we took pictures, we had a workshop at night which is always good. Fast Sunday was really good, especially the nap part... And the testemants ( I don´t think I spelled that right) in Portuguese. Its hard to remember what we did all week because time is blending.. And I forgot my notebook upstairs with all my notes in it reminding me what to talk about. Today we went to a hamburger place next day for our half way point with the whole district and Irmo Israel. I got a bacon and chedder... it was 6 dollars, huge and had real bacon, not that stuff you get from Wendys. Earlier this week we had Mango at lunch... Pretty sad that that´s a highlight but it was the best mango I´ve ever tasted... Thank goodness they had a lot becasue everyone was just pounding it down. Needless to say the bathrooms were full the whole night after all the Mango. On Friday we get to be investigators for TRC... That means no more preparing lessons, we just show up and follow the lesson the first weeks try to give us in super bad Portuguese. Then, we get to mess with them a little bit... And you can be sure that I will mess with them. Not too much though, I don´t want to make their first week here awful. On Friday I went to some super nice doctors office because Elder Georgianna and I had to get our Hep booster. thank goodness she spoke enlgish but it took from... 2 until 8 because traffic was bad and it was about 30 miles away... Ya, you read that right. On the way we passed some super poor parts of Sao Paulo but we also passed some really nice areas. We saw some really cool street art... Because I don´t remember if I ever told ya´ll this but there´s so much street art here. Not much stupid graffiti, but street art, and it´s pointless for the city to paint over it. The ``artists´ though are super respectful, you never see it on a sign or on a business, just walls, but if there´s a wall, it´ll be painted. We saw a ``space invader`` character too, that was pretty exciting.
Story time. On the way to get shots we stopped at a train station and 2 kids and the instructor got off the bus, then the bus driver who speaks 0 enlgish drove off, Elder Georgianna and I had the most experience in the country so... We weren´t in great hands... We drove for about 5 minutes then just stopped, we sat there for seriously 15 minutes, then the bus turned on and we drove off. We picked those 3 up where we dropped them off... turns out, they had to get their free yellow fever shot there, in some corner store at the train station... I guess we paid the 100 dollars in the states for safety and security.
This letter ended up being longer than I though it would, I´m pretty proud of myself!!!

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