Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week Six

All right, lets try to bust another week of information out in 12 minutes... 1st off before I forget, somebody please ask the Brandons if they know an Elder Vilas Boas... He now works at the CTM and he was part of the baptism for Mikey and for Klint King.
 I´ll try to do the rest in some kind of order unlike usual. Well, nothing happened thursday... But friday morning my district got to be investigators for TRC instead of teaching, it´s a lot less stressful because you don´t have to prepare a lesson and you can have a little bit of fun with the new people. Example, Elder taylor told some kid the word for show off was pudar which is the verb to fart. So they were talking about Kobe and one of the elders said I don´t like him because he shows off, but he said how do you say to show off So Elder Taylor said ``pudar" the kid said ya, ele puda. Which translates to he is a farter. Something along those lines. Elder Spencer told the missionaries his parents were dead and the missionary didn´t understand so his next comment was... ´uhhh, so where´s your sister?. So Friday had a great start, that night during Irmo Israel´s class the power went out, now usually it goes off for about 5-10 minutes, but this time it stayed off for about 2 hours, that was a fun new adventure, anything to mix the days up is a plus.
  Saturday, well, we all know what the big news was here on Saturday, Mission age is now 18... Crazy, I didn´t even know other countries could go at 18 until I got here and met some 18 year olds from Brasil. (How will that effect Jordan?) That really set the spirit of the rest of conference, I loved Elder Andersons talk, he´s 1 of my favorites. It was just a solid day of talksI don´t have my notes on me so I don´t remember what day was what so... I´ll just mix the days... I loved Elder Hollands talk, obviously, so much power in his words, it would be scary if you didn´t feel the spirit at the same time. I especially like how he said he´s going to go away from the scriptures for a little bit, but by doing that, he´s basically making new scripture because you know everything he says is exact. Preisthood was awesome, we watched in Sunday morning at 8 while the sisters watched relief society. President Monson is awesome, I really enjoy how he speaks with love at all times. I liked the air plane reference from Uchtdorf, sorry sisters, you didn´t get to hear it this year. Elder Bednar has so much great doctorine in his talks it´s hard to catch everything, I´m going to need to reread that one. I´m short on time, I´ll write more about conference. P.s. yes we got to watch conference live... at 1 and 5.
Monday... Average day
Tuesday was sick, president Degn gave the devotional and he killed it, also we had a CTM miracle and we´re able to take our coats off during it because he was hot to so he invited us all to follow his example.
P day has been good so far, Mom, everyone loves you and says thanks for the milkshakes, i BOUGHT another  jersey today... I´ll stop eventually, they´re just too cheap not too. I´m good now until I get to the field though.
I love you all, remember one thing!!! ``Ask the missionaries, they can help you!!!``

-Elder Justin Beary

PS.  The best part about being in Brazil for conference was nobody posted about it on facebook.  A kid I went to high school with came to the CTM today... Tim Porter, I think he´s going to Sao Paulo east... 

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