Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week Seven

Well, another uneventful week... It must seem like we never do anything here but I swear we do!!! Man, I don´t know where to start, hopefully if I start typing I´ll remember something interesting.... Nope, nothing... Well, last night we had our Tuesday night devotional, and finally got a general authority, now before you get too excited, no, it wasn´t the prophet, or anyone you´ve heard of, Elder Junot from the 70 spoke to us, it was a really good message about missionary work. He told us not to stress on the language becasue it will come through fé. But to study the doctorine more, if we know that God will help us say it in whatever language we need, in my case Portoguêse. All the guys in my district signed up to sing ye elders of israel next tuesday at our last tuesday night devotional, we´ll see how that goes. (I know I didn´t use the right grammar there... Oh well, no time to fix it... Or to put this, but too late.) Ummm, Elder Russell and Spencer are doing a little prank war, last thing that happened Elder Russell sprayed our room with a bunch of Axe... Ya, our room smelled like a Junior High locker room. MOM!!!! Thank you for the cookies and leite today, it´s exactly what I needed... The milk today wasn´t as good as the milk in the states but I´ll take whatever I can get.  Someone please update me on polotics, I´m hearing Romney is making some noise, Obama had some 9-11 scandal? That´s all I have heard so I would love to be given the DL... How are the Cougs doing??? Do I even want to know? Too bad the Cardinals are doing well... Again, down to their final strike again? That blows... I´m hearing all this information from the blue dots coming in every week. But really, politics update would be sweet. I reallyl do have the best insturctors at the CTM. Irmão Israel and Irmã Matos just kill it. Mom, please accept them on Facebook for me, they said they both added me. Ummm, We took a little test that Irmão made for us last week, and besides subjunctives... I did pretty well, I guess. I´m super excited to go into the field. 13 more days!!! I feel confident enough to do it now... Though, these 13 days will be big time.
I love you all!!!

-Elder Justin Beary

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