Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week Two

Tudo Bem!?!?! Hello everyone! Finally another 30 minutes to try to bust out 100+ hours of information! Well, Elder Spencer and I lost our first set of roomates, which was really sad. I remember there names now. Elder Silva, Elder Marocha (from Chile), Elder Leite, and Elder Juanario... Or something like that. We got new roomates though on Thursday and I like them a lot. Just 2, both natives, the first one is another Elder Silva, Diego Sosa Silva, he speaks 0 English so that’s a little rough. The 2nd one is Elder Amarim... He’s from Porto Alegre!!! So between him and my instructor Israel, I’m learning all sorts of slang words for the area and learning the cultrue. Elder Amarim is fluent in the English so he’s been able to help us a lot with Portoguese. Oh, I’ve declared my pride to Gremu! Gotta go with the blue and black, I was raised right. Stuff is so cheap here, it’s fun. It makes me feel kinda rich, there’s some really good chip things... They’re the texture of chips but in the shape of a ball... Well, thery’re only 1 rais, which is about 50 cents, so I will be buying way too many of those in about 1 hour. We’re also going to get some all you can eat meat today... Tucanos style, but a lot cheaper, and I’m assuming better... If that’s possible. I´ll be going to print off pictures today and send some home, so hopefully in the next couple weeks we can have picture updates! Sao Paulo finally got some rain! It only took 60ish days of no rain. After that long, with 30ish million people living in the city you can only imagine how nasty the air was. Volleyball really makes the CTM better. We have gym time at about 11 so we play for about an hour everyday and it´s easily the best thing in the world. I still stand by the statement that I have the best district in the CTM, everyone is so nice and so cool. (sister Johnson is the sister that for some reasosn I couln´t remember) though we´re getting a new sister today coming from the MTC and she´ll be in our district, I hope she fits in. Did you notice I figured out where ` was on the keyboard... Hopefully it´ll make my emails look a little better. (doubt it). Oh, so, on I think... Sunday we had a really really good fireside, the mission president of Sao Paulo East and his wife spoke, it was really good. Firesides are another one of the highlights here, great speakers, and I write some letters during them (don´t tell anyone). Also on Sunday I realized something weird in the back of my throat, so the next day after gym time (I waited until after so if it was something serious I wouldn´t have to miss gym, don´t worry, I´m being watched out for). Well, turns out it was a tonslic tap... Or something like that, I guess it´s not big deal unless it starts bleeding or hurting... lets hope that doesn´t happen. Went to the temple today!!! Man, the San Paulo one is so pretty... Not as pretty as the Porto Alegre one (look it up) but still pretty. It´s insane how big the city is. It took 45 minutes to get to the temple, on the free way and we didn´t even get close to leaving the city boundries... Not quite as big as Spanish Fork but it´s close §) (that´s supposed to be a winky face but the key is in a different spot and I like it so I´ll just leave it) All the buildings here literally go straight up and from far away look the same. There´s no such thing as down town because there´s just skyscrapers everywhere. The 7 story CTM is really short compared to everything else. P days are so much fun here, we get to walk around the city and buy stuff... What more can I ask for? Oh, Mr. Cheneys cookies, across the street... Probably the best cookies everywhere... I might just be saying that because it´s American. Or maybe just because it is the best... We had Spamburgers 1 night, and spam hot dogs another... As bad as those would normally be, they were some of the best tasting things ever. Dang, out of time and I´m no where near done... also think I might be getting carpo tunel... I know that´s not spelled right but I have no idea how so, oh well.

I love you all, Deus abençoe!!!
-Elder Justin Thomas Hart Beary

P.s. If you´re reading this I expect to see a letter from you in about 5 days. Mail really is the best thing. It´s a surprise and a pick me up if you´re having a bad day. Thanks to those who have sent me something, they all cheered me up. Mail has never and will never be this important to me again. 

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