Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week One

What a crazy week, the plane ride here was awful. Too long, hardly anyone to speak Ingles to, hard to understand followed up by what were the longest 2 days of my life. Things have moved a lot better since then, the days are starting to fly and I'm starting to get the language. I'm behind most in my group and that's kinda discouraging but I see my progress from the last week and it makes me happy. The no Spanish background is hurting me, they're about 60% the same and I don' t have that help but I'm trying. I never knew it was possible to love 4 guys so much... Before you laugh here me out. Elder Spencer and I (he's my companion, great guy. From SLC plays LAX at westminster? He's our district leader, just a quality guy.) were lucky enough to have 4 Natvie roomates, well 3 natives and 1 Bolivian, (Elder Silva, Leite... I can't even think of the other 2 right now... That'll happen next week too.)they were awesome. They helped us so much with our Portogese and us with their Ingles. They were a lot of fun but also very spiritual. They left on Tuesday so Monday night was pretty emotional, we cried, hugged, took pictures. All the good stuff, I'll try to send pictures home soon, I can't today, not enough time, amazing how people love you when you're gone. So many emails today. It's awesome, it really is. Well, the food here is really hit or miss, especialy the desserts... Wednesdays for lunch so far, the dessert is awesome, everyother day it's something weird like condensed milk with weird toppings. We've had some great meals, who would have thought that Spamburgers would be so good, it was a nice taste from home. On Monday we had a rice and beans dish, the beans were cooked with pig... not pork, not bacon but pig, there were bones and other weird stuff in it, we have it every Monday, it's better than it sounds you've just got to chew slowly. I had a pretty rough night on Monday just felt really discouraged during language study but I have a great district. They're so fun. Elder Spencer and I have 2 really good friends in Elder taylor (plays LAX at BYU, from southern Cal.) and Elder Simpson (plays Football at SVU from Washington state) Natives call him Bart because of the Simpsons or Hulk because he's huge. Oh, fun fact, people call me Elder Big Bang Theory buecause apparently I look like Sheldon from that show. Brazillians are awesome, they're so fun and loving, it's gonna be great here. The Brazillian national anthem is awesome. I'm running out of time, this stinks. People are trying to distract me, I really want a hamburger, a real one. Today we get to go into te city, I'm excited, it's kinda like prison in here. Next week I'll include my limited Portogese knowlege but again, no time. I love you all and am so happy you're supporting me, it really makes things easier out here. I know there's a lot I'm forgetting but I left my notebook upstairs and don't wanna wasted time to get it. Oh, the drinking fountains here have 2 buttons, 1 for cold water 1 for room temperature. Fun fact. Everything here is so cheap, I'm excited to go get stacks on stacks on stacks of candy. Oh, my district is me, Elder Spencer, Simpson, Taylor, Georgianna, Gagnon, Russel, Tapp, Miller and Sister Maglebey (from the airport) and sister... Ummm, next week, I'm struggling right now. Again love you all, I swear next weeks email will be better!
-Elder Beary

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