Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week Three

Okay, so lets start off with the most recent crazy thing to happen... So this moring we went to the Sao Paulo temple, after a 45 minute crazy drive through the city (which I slept during) when we got there all was normal through the first half, when suddenly the power went out... onlyl for about 15 seconds but then about 5 minutes later the power went out again. This time for a half hour just sitting in there until they told us to go change and we had to give all the names back so they could be done later. It was pretty cool experience... Oh, and it happened in Brazil so there´s my 1 up story. Oh... Speaking of 1 up stories... I kept forgetting to mention... Have any of you guys ever seen the sunrise? 35,000 feet in the air? Oh, and over the Amazon river? :) That was one of the prettiest things ever.
My weird throat thing is getting a lot smaller, so no worries there. I don´t remember if I ever told you guys that there´s me and 4 others in my district going to Porto Alegre Sul (Elder Russel, Miller, Tapp and Gagnon.) We got a new sister to our district this week, her name is Sister Feddock. She did a couple weeks in the Provo MTC waiting for her Visa... We also got a new roomate this week, Elder Revis, he´s from Argentina, and he´ll only be with us for a week, his district left this last week but he still had a week to do so he´s in a 3 way group with Elder Amorim and Elder Silva.
I sent a couple pictures home last week so they should be arriving in the states the next couple of weeks. You can see a little life of Sao Paulo! Well, behind a gate. The other night we found out that our roomate (Amorim) doesn´t like Taylor Swift SO... Every night Elder Taylor, Simspon, Spencer and I sing him a different Taylor Swift song... I like to think that we´re changing his life for the better.
I think the best part of the CTM is being able to talk about scriptures and deep doctorine with a bunch of 19 year old guys. It´s something else just listening to them speak and knowing there point of views since we´re all from different parts of the country. Oh, if you want to stretch your brain sometime this week try to understand D&C 93:23-24. Good luck with that one.
I forgot to mention when we were at the temple today the Sao Paulo East Mission was there since today is there transfer day. There were 6 of them going home and they looked so excited to have served the Lord honorably and finally get to see there family. (they also looked exhausted) During the power outage one of them whispered ``If I miss my flight I`m going to punch a baby right in the face. I guess the mission doesn´t completely change a person.
I’m finally figuring out the keyboard! Notice there are a lot less mistakes than my last 2 emails... And there’s actually a body to this one.
This week was a good one, especially with the language... Meu Portoguese e muito bom. Well, not really, but it’s a lot better than it used to be. I can’t wait to start forgetting English words and replacing them with Portuguese. All the elders about to leave were struggling with their English. It’s weird to think that’s going to be me.
Mom, thanks for all the letters, and thanks Jess and Grandma for letters as well.
  I know I’m nowhere near fluent in the language but almost all of my dreams now have at least 1 Portuguese sentence in it so that’s better than it used to be!!!

Love you all!!! See you soon! 

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