Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week Four

Another P-day already!!! Time is starting to move! We started the day going to the temple, always a plus. Then we went to Mr. Cheneys cookies/mission ties and got a cookie because they´re honestly the best thing ever. I´ll send pictures of that. Oh, I started reading the bible because I figured with all the catholics down here I should probably do that. So my instructor Irmão Isral printed me off a bible reading plan he used on his mission. By this time next year I´ll have read the old testemant once and the new testemant twice. I might double up though so I can finish in 6 months. We´ll see. Last night when I was laying in bed I realized that I am starting to think in Portogése. That´s big time for me. I´m starting to be able to piece it all together. It makes me feel good if nothing else. Can you believe on Saturday I´ll hit the month mark! Time is starting to fly!
       Yesterday my roommates left, (Elder Amorim e Edler Silva) They´re both going to the São Paulo Norte mission, I´m jealous that they got to leave after just 19 days but happy for them. It was a sad moment, but that´s expected when you lose a friend. I´ll send some pictures home of them today. I don´t really know what to say this week, people weren´t lying when they said the days just start to be the same. Nothing special is really happening. Oh, I get to leave the CTM and get a shot soon, that´ll be different. We started donig P90X ab ripper at night because we´re starting to get fat. Day 1 and I´m sore as could be. It´s sweater weather here in São Paulo so I was finally able to bust that out of the suitcase. We have started to do hand stands on the chairs just for fun, we´re getting better, it´s a good way to wake yourself up. Oh! It finally rained last night! I mean rained, not just sprinkled. We were pounded for about 45 minutes total, just off and on but when it came, it came hard. Volleyball is still the best part of every day!
       It sucks to hear that BYU´s offense is still terrible... Where´s Jake Heaps when you need him? This might be all I have to say today... that´s kinda disappointing... I´ll do better next week. Promise.
       Soren is in my prayers.

One more thing!!! I found out POS (Porto Alegre Sul) is one of the least baptising missions in Brazil. I´m planning on changing that in the next 2 years. We´ll be on top.

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