Thursday, September 27, 2012


8-28-12   Sorry, it's hard to write on a plane.
Hi famiy!
Brazil is great. Well, the plane to Brazil. The Brazilian people are very friendly and very helpful.  The other missionaries and I are gonna need help once we land.  This flight would be so easy if I could watch the in flight movies. (Avengers, Hunger games, Lorax)  It's kind of weird thinking I'm going to be gone for 2 years.  I don't know when it'll really hit me.  A lot of funny looks in Atlanta.  Something about 11 well dressed kids I guess.  Though we've also had a lot of well wishes and nice gestures (like the 2 ladies offering all of us to use their phones).  1 of the guys next to me on the plane tried to help me with portuguese...well, he tried.  One of the Elders ran with Spencer at BYU.  Fun fact.  
Well, I'm gonna try to get some sleep.  Elder Tapp is the other to Porto Alegre south.
Love you all!  Deus abencoe!
Elder Beary

Minha Familia! (All is well?)
Tudo bem?  Direct translation.  It means like "Hey, what's up?  Pretty much the 1 must know phrase for living in Brazil.  To answer you say "Tudo bem".  Pretty easy, huh?  Too bad the rest of portuguese isn't that easy.
The MTC is great, it's hard sometimes but there's no where else I'd rather be.  Everyone here is just fantastic.  I'm learning so much every day.  I feel like I'm behind in the language since I don't have a spanish background but when I compare myself to day 1, I feel pretty good.  P days are the best thing in the world though.  I decided on my team for down here, gotta stay with the blue, so I'm going to support Gremul!!
Turns out Porto Alegre is kind of like the San Francisco of Brazil.  OH!!! Porto Alegre will be hosting world cup games, that makes me really happy.  
Stuff is so cheap here.  I bought 6 pounds of snacks for 6 hais (3ish dollars). Electronics are expensive, but I don't need those anyway.  I'm going to buy a Gremul jersey on p-day.  So, by the time you get this I'll already have it. They're 25 hais (13ish bucks).  I don't think they are that authentic but I don't care.  I'll get Brazil t-shirts at some point as well.  We got new roomies and 1 is from fort Eliza? and the other...Porto Alegre.  He helped me declare my Gremul pride.  They have a great team song.
Jordan, you've definitely got to do this whole mission thing.  Best decision ever.
Vos unico viver uma (ves) --- You Only Live Once!  (close enough)
Deus Abencoe!
Love you all!
Elder Beary

Thank you for all of your letters!  I haven't had time to read the novel that I just got today but I'll read it at 21:30!!  Mail is nice.  I like getting letters.  It makes me feel good, plus it's a pick me up.  Closest thing to a surprise around here.  Also, I have time to detail letters/personalize them.  30 minutes for 3-mail barely gives me enough time to detail 1 email.
Garments down here are .75 cents.  I'm gonna buy some tomorrow.  I don't like the kind I got.  Plus, there's a top not sold in America.  It's super light and absorbs moisture.
My new roommate (who might be gone by the time you get this) and 1 of my instructors are from Porto Alegre.
I get more and more excited to go everyday!
Eu Ama Voce,  Elder Beary

Irmo Jordan, (not sure if I spelled that right)
1st off, you've definitely got to do 1 of these mission things.  They're great.  Hard sometimes but definitely worth it.
2nd, can you try to get me Kyle, Curtis, and Alex's adress, thanks.
How's school and XC going?  By now you're probably the fastest on the team, if not the state.
Everything besides electronics are so cheap here.  I feel super rich here and the money is way cool.
Keep stron and get out here... well, maybe not here, but on a mission.
Love, Elder Beary

Thanks for that letter Dad.  You guys are slacking on the sports updates.  How about USU beating the U?  That news brought joy to my heart.
It's fun here, hard sometimes, especially the portuguese.  But, I'm starting to understand it.
We're on a bus right now on our way home from the temple.  We're still in Sao Paulo, but we're 45 minutes away from the CTM.  That's how big this city is.  It's really hot here too. (This bus is so shaky)
Oh, the people drive crazy here.  Especially, the motorcyclists.
I've got that letter hanging up in my "closet".  Thanks again.
Love, Elder Beary

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