Monday, March 3, 2014

Well, transfers are in!!! And, no changes. One more here with Elder Campbell in 3 Vendas.

This week we went to Porto Alegre to visit my foot doctor. She said that my toes are doing great. Now I´[ll go back for probably the last time in about a month.

This week I passed hump day, now we´re just ``on the way down`` I have a couple of more months until I´m considered just ``a waste of space``. Though, I don´t think that´ll happen to me. I donpt have to much time today because I´m trying to get my district organized the other 2 companionships were changed around a bit so....

Also, forgot my camera battery at home, sono photos today.

IOt was a pretyt normal wweek, it got kinda cold. That was nice. Finally the temperature is changing a bit.

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